my life saved

ari has been bullied bad and needs help. she goes to the teacher she trusts most. little does ari know she has made the wrong choice.


3. the next day

Well i got to school and for once was not bullied when i walked through the door. "Ari just the girl i was looking for." Mr.Andrews said as i passed his room heading to my locker. "Hey Mr.Andrews." i said as i walked up to him. Then one of the teachers came over the loud speaker. "We will be dismissing everyone in one hour due to a found gas leak found on the second floor so there will be no classes today." Mr.Andrews smiled and said that that was perfect. After the hour Mr.Andrews offered me a ride. " I told him i lived with stacey. I got in and he told me that i wouldnt be going straight home. "What!" i screamed at the top of my lungs. "I am gonna go to my house to teach you a lesson about bullies." When we got to the house I asked to go to the bathroom. "Of course you can" We walked down the hall to his bedroom and then opened a door to a bathroom. "thanks." i said as i walked in. I walked out and headed straight for the door. I pulled and pulled it was locked. a door opened it was to a closet. Mr.Andrews walked out to the bed and layed down he was only in his boxers. "Excuse me!" i said. You were sappose to teach me a lesson about bullies. "Oh yes hop up here." he said as he patted on the bed. I sat down. he said to me that bullies bring good things. "Oh like what?" i asked.

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