my life saved

ari has been bullied bad and needs help. she goes to the teacher she trusts most. little does ari know she has made the wrong choice.


5. thanks.

I grabbed my bookbag and hoodie. Before i left he planted a kiss on my cheek. i ran from his house to the gas station on the edge of the street,about half a mile up the road from his house. I walked in and seen stacey. "HEY!!!!" she shouted. "uumm hi." I replied. "when are we going home." I asked her. "NOW" When we got back i ran to my room. I grabbed the small bag from yesturday. i ran out the door. I walked down the street and bumped into niall. I told him that i was heading to the special place under the medow. He walked me there. "why are you headed there" he asked. "something bad just happened." i answered. I mannaged to tell him everything without crying. So hows it going at staceys. I told him i didnt really like it and that i wished i had someone to stay with. He stood up and helped me up. he picked me up and carried me really far to a house with a black roof. He said i could stay with him. "THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed.

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