my life saved

ari has been bullied bad and needs help. she goes to the teacher she trusts most. little does ari know she has made the wrong choice.


4. like me!

Well why dont you lay down as i show you. I got very scared but did as he said because i have read people like this usaully carry knives. He reach over and ripped my shirt of and slid my shorts down. "Ari you are my favorite child because you are so easy to trick." He said as he pulled out a knife. He walked closer and closer. He slowly reach down with his open hand and pulled up the strap on my underwear. then slowly reaches down and cut the strap. he does the same with my bra. He pushes the knife back down into his drawer. He crawled up next to me and asked if i was ready. i shook my head so i didnt have a chance of being hurt. He slid his boxers off.......

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