my life saved

ari has been bullied bad and needs help. she goes to the teacher she trusts most. little does ari know she has made the wrong choice.


1. they bullied

I was new in school and didnt have any friends. I dont think that anyone liked my style beacause no one dressesd like me or even acted the smallest bit like i do. The only person i can say i get along with is my math teacher. I went to him to ask what i should do. There was a guy standing next to the door when i left. He had to of heard my conversation wirh Mr.Andrews."So you enjoy running to the teachers and telling them about your small problems in school." he said as he backed me in a corner. "Go away Derick." i yelled. "You cant tell me what to do." he said raising his voice. Derick reach over and grabbed my wrist. and took me somewhere and bee\at me bad.

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