My Supernatural Friends... Dangerous?...or not

Welcome to VHA Academy! This isn't just some normal school you're probably thinking right now. The school holds dark secrets that lasted for more then 200 years. Will it finally be out? What might happen if it does? Who'll be in danger and who will not?

What happens when 3 different kinds of creatures fall in love with each other? Or more? What happens when 1 or more gets killed? Are sacrifies sometimes worth it? Read it to find out.


6. There Here

Violet's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of my phone going off. It's 10am and we have no school thank god. I looked at my phone seeing 4new messages.

Melanie:" meet me outside when you wake up!" Sent 2 minutes ago

Zayn" hey good morning :)" sent 5 minutes ago

Gracie:" morning" sent 12 minutes ago

Niall:" morning I need to speak to you!" Sent 24 minutes ago

Oh god and Niall must speak with me? Well I minus well reply to him first.

Me:" alright where at what time?"

Me:" hey Mel and alright"

Me:"morning gracie"

Me:"haha morning :)"

I quickly freshen my self up so I could meet Mel and maybe Niall after words. I threw on a purple flowy top and black skinny jeans. I had to put my crosses bracelet on which I did.


"Violet! There's something I need to tell you!" She was pacing around the ground.

"What? What's the matter?"I freaked out.

"People think you and Zayn are going out!" She screamed and then whispered

"Ok so?"

"Are u two dating !" She gasped how dare she think that!

"No, now look I gtg Niall wants to tell me something" I said casually to her and walked away.


"Violet! " I wasn't even at his dorm yet and he screamed my name.

"Whaaaatt" I said drastically

"Zayn loves you" what the hell was he talking about! That boy don't love me.

"Yea sure u made me waste my time walking all the way over here just to tell me a joke stop playing games blonde I don't have time" I tried walking away from him but he grabbed my wrist.

"No I'm dead serious he wrote a song for you" I could see in his eyes that he was serious

A shiver went up my spine because I can't have Zayn loving me yet I don't even know if I like him yet. I may just like Niall!

"I must go now" I broke free from his grasp and I ran away. Why do they do this to me they don't understand how lost I am. 

Melanie's P.O.V.

I freaked out even more hearing that Zayn wrote a song for Violet. What if she gets her heartbroken? I went to find Zayn and going to embarrass him about the song when I saw him, Harry and Louis playing video games. Idiots. I casually walked in their dorm room and they all stopped track at what they were doing and stared at me.

"Sooo what's this I hear that you wrote a song for Violet." I teased Zayn and saw that Harry and Louis tense up

. "You just wish you were the one I wrote a song for." He said closing the door behind me.

I scoffed and looked around the messy room. One side was messy and the other side was even messier. Boys. I sighed at the thought.

"Anyways the boys and I are going to the pub tonight. I thought maybe you and violet and the other girls would like to come." Harry bursted out. Zayn narrowed his eyebrows at Harry and Louis just smiled widely. I'm so creeped out.

"Sure! Does anyone smell blood in here?" I asked trying to find where the smell came from.

"There's some blood packs in the refrigerator." Louis pointed out.

"Eww!" I said.

"Why eww?" Harry question confusedly.

"They just taste nasty." I shrugged as Louis gasped. I was just about to say something when Violet rushed into the door. The last thing I wanted hear,

"They're here."

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