My Supernatural Friends... Dangerous?...or not

Welcome to VHA Academy! This isn't just some normal school you're probably thinking right now. The school holds dark secrets that lasted for more then 200 years. Will it finally be out? What might happen if it does? Who'll be in danger and who will not?

What happens when 3 different kinds of creatures fall in love with each other? Or more? What happens when 1 or more gets killed? Are sacrifies sometimes worth it? Read it to find out.


3. Spilling Coffee

Melanie's P.O.V.

I glanced around the small crowded cafe filled with students. I looked over to Harry and his other friends, I could tell that 2 of them were vampires. I had something in my mind, and I was going to do that no matter what. Prank time

I searched the place and saw a cup of coffee on the counter. I quickly grabbed it and it wasn't hot. I hurried over to my friends and motioned for them to look. I walked straight into Harry and "accidently" spilled the coffee on him. What a terrible sight...

"Omg I'm so sorry! I totally did not see you there." I apologized dramatically. Everyone turned to look at the mess I did and bursted out laughing. I looked over to my friends and they were laughing about it too. I looked up to see an angry Harry just glaring at me. I just smirked at him and walked away from their crew and towards my friends.

"What an idiot. Did you see their faces?" Gracie asked. I took the seat next to her and sat down.

"Of course, it was like priceless." I said. While I was laughing, I felt someone pull my arm and dragged me out of the cafe into an empty alley. Does he/she know what they're doing? I watched as the black haired boy pulled me into the and pushed me against the walls. I decided just to act normal and do what human girls would do.

"Ouch!" I screamed in pain.

"Good, that's what you get for doing that." Zayn snapped.

"And what happens if I do it again?" I challenged him.

"You'll find your pretty little head off your body."

"Ohhhhhh, I'm so scared level B." I spat. I wasn't scared of him.

"Yeah, you'd better- and how the hell did you know that." He asked furiously. Oops then.

"You know, you're not the only vampire here."

"What do you know about vampires?" He asked while looking at me suspiciously.

"Oh you know. Everything."

Before I knew it, he started showing me his fangs. They weren't even sharp! I watched as he tried to bite my neck. I quickly defended myself and kicked him off me. He looked at me with his angry red eyes and I just chuckled. I know I'm weird.

"How the hell do you have so much strength?" He questioned. God.

"God, you're so stupid to be one of us."

"One of us? Holy Crap!" He cursed and realization took over. Finally! "What are you anyways?"

"Pureblood." I said while looking down at my nails. I really need to get a manicure soon.

"Look, sorry I didn't know. Ok?" He apologized while looking down at the floor.

"Did I just hear that correctly? You apologized." I said dramatically. Like seriously, he never apologizes.

"Shut up. You don't even know me. Us." I knew exactly what he meant by us. I just judged them by what they looked like doing. He's right, I don't know them. I would want to get to know them though. When I looked up he wasn't there anymore.






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