My Supernatural Friends... Dangerous?...or not

Welcome to VHA Academy! This isn't just some normal school you're probably thinking right now. The school holds dark secrets that lasted for more then 200 years. Will it finally be out? What might happen if it does? Who'll be in danger and who will not?

What happens when 3 different kinds of creatures fall in love with each other? Or more? What happens when 1 or more gets killed? Are sacrifies sometimes worth it? Read it to find out.


4. In the Night

Violet's P.O.V

Mel poured coffee all over that boy Harry. I actually thought she was going to do it to one of the others not him. Maybe she likes him? I don't know yet its hard to tell. Melanie came back in with a smirk on her face. Something's up and I need to know.

"Everything's fine guys we can go now I had my fun for the day" Melanie said with a quirky tone.

We all got up leaving except me I trailed behind them a bit. I walked over to the boys wanting to speak with them.

"Hey" I said causally to them

"Uhh hey? What's up?" The blonde one said he was kind of cheeky.

"Umm about my friend look I'm really sorry for what she did to you I don't know what's up with her lately" I saw Harry quickly turn around as if he was embarrassed.

"It's fine" I heard Harry say. "Oh ok"

"Can I talk to you" Zayn whispered into my ear

"Yea sure" He pulled me aside from his friends.

"Melanie is a vampire but don't worry so am I but you two go to the same school you seem like your a vampire too by your name violet" he said in a raspy voice.

"Uh oh I'm not a vampire I'm a dark angel it's definitely hard for you to tell an all but if you don't believe me I can always show you later" my eyes stared into his deeply he seems so sweet and nice though.

"Sure I never seen one before" he smiled at me with his bad boy looks.

"Alright meet me at the maple tree in the girls dorm at 1am" I wrote on his hand with a pen.


"Bye" I walked away from him as he made his way inside. I turned my head smiling at the fact his friends was flipping because they think he's going on a date with me. I believe one of them said your going out with a bad girl.


It's 12:55am at night. I'm walking on the brisk cold grass waiting for Zayn. The stars are peacefully separated from one another. The cool wind blowing my pitch black hair.

"I'm here" I turned seeing Zayn walking towards me. I turned around making myself like a model from the turn.

"Alright now don't get scared I can't well I can but I won't hurt you" he nodded his head as I got ready.

My black wings appeared and so did my sword. I transformed into a black and white dress which was kind of puffy my hair changed into a silver like color and my eyes changed grey as if I was blind almost.

"So this is a dark angel" I heard zayn question


"You guys are really pretty but look very threatening"

"Haha we can be but I'm not going to attack you" I handed Zayn my sword allowing him to hold it.

"Woah how do you carry this thing all the time it's so heavy!" I giggled a bit looking at how weak he is.

"It's not heavy at all anyways since I can show u some powers that won't kill you I will" I got my sword back placing it on my back.

I was getting ready to make a rose become dead when I heard voices. I quickly changed back to normal casting a quick spell onto my sword.

"Hide!" I grabbed zayns hand which was warm and kind of comforting. We hid behind the fence wall, I don't know who it is and I definitely don't want people thinking me and Zayn are a thing now.

I looked over seeing it was vampires on their hunt for human blood again.

"Zayn I'm going to take you home alright if people see you and me they will think something's up, also they can since a presence" I whispered into his ear.


I knew if I changed into a dark angel form they would notice me I had little magic to use so I made a run for it holding Zayns hand so I didn't loose him. I casted a hidden spell so no one could see us.

"Hello lovelies." I felt someone get between me and Zayn.

"I thought I casted a spell!" I uncasted the spell and looked over to both of them touching their ears. Oops sorry Mel.

"Don't worry about it. Anyways what were you both up to in the middle of the night, holding hands?" She smirked.

I just glared at her while we kept on walking. She just shrugged and went in the other direction. We got back to Zayn's dorm to find Niall sitting on the porch.

"Violet and Zayn what were you two up too?" He had that bitchy tone

"I was just taking him home" I said politely.

"Oh haha sure you two are dating" he said while smirking.

"What no! We're not ok I know Zayn secrets he's a vampire and I'm a dark angel ok he just wanted to see what dark angels look like and I showed him and then people started coming" I whispered to him.

"Oh ok well then be safe when you go back" why the hell was he being nice now?

"Yea be careful" zayn let go of my hand and hugged me a goodbye. I forgot I was holding his hand but why did he hug me?

I think I can become friends with Zayn he seems nice I don't even remember why we hated them in the first place. Niall seems kind of sweet too I don't know though. If my group sees me with them they will evict me and I don't want to loose my friends.

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