My Supernatural Friends... Dangerous?...or not

Welcome to VHA Academy! This isn't just some normal school you're probably thinking right now. The school holds dark secrets that lasted for more then 200 years. Will it finally be out? What might happen if it does? Who'll be in danger and who will not?

What happens when 3 different kinds of creatures fall in love with each other? Or more? What happens when 1 or more gets killed? Are sacrifies sometimes worth it? Read it to find out.


5. Apologizing

Melanie's P.O.V

What's up with Violet and Zayn I saw them two holding hands last night. Does she likes Zayn and yet she thinks I like one of them! Well I.... I don't know yet

. "Melanie time to leave lets go lets go!" Gracie was already out the door running.


"Class dismissed." The teacher said coldly as he gathered up his stuff.

I walked out the door quickly trying to find Violet so we can get to the lunch table before nerds think their cool enough to sit there, them nasty things better not touch our table.

"Violet!" I saw violet at her locker.

"Oh hey Mel ready for lunch?" She seems happier then before

"Uhh yea lets go" I pulled her arm running to the cafeteria.

Gracie and the rest of them was already at the table thank god. We sat down at the table waiting for our lunch to arrive.

"Hey girls" the popular boys came over to our table and sat down.

"Ummm please explain to me why your here?" I snapped at them

"Don't be such a bitch I don't think Violet minds now does she?" I heard Zayn say Everyone stared at Violet for her to make her choice.

"Uh errr please don't stare at me like that I think it's ok I mean you guys are nice when we ge-" she kept stuttering and freaking out so I cut her off.

"It's fine is what she's trying to say just fine" I knew the girls were probably questioning me.

I got up and went to the chocolate fountain getting a cup and letting the chocolate fill the cup up. It's pranking time. I signified the girls to look as I walked over to Harry and Louis and poured it on top of their heads.

"What the hell!" Louis snapped Everyone was laughing even Violet she knew it was funny so she had to laugh.

"What's your deal! Why did you do that?" Harry was a little bit grumpy.

"Because I felt like it what are you gonna do cry" I couldn't stop laughing Harry got up and stormed off I saw the others getting up as well going after Harry and Louis .

Violet stopped laughing and started shaking her head. I don't get what's up with her doesn't dark angels like pranks? Unless she's being ......never mind. Violet got up and ran after them the whole table was shocked to see her going after them.


Violet's P.O.V

I can't deal with the fact I'm lost. I'm lost in my way I think one thing is funny but then it's not. I just had to go check up on the boys making sure they were ok. I saw them going to the washroom. I waited till they got back out.

"Hey you ok?" I asked

"Uhh yea why are you being so nice you were laughing your ass off in there" Louis pled

"I'm sorry I didn't mean it it's my fault I laughed and I apologize" I had such sympathy for them.

"Hey it's alright" I felt Zayn's hand lifting my chin up lightly as I glared into his beautiful eyes.

I turned my head quickly not wanting them to see me tear up.

"Aww no no don't cry" I could feel Zayn's arms around me as he was soothing me down.

"No it's not ok alright I can't deal with the fact that my friends probably hate me now because I talk to you and I'm nice to you. They aren't the type to deal with stuff like that its either your with them or you go! But I don't want to stop talking to you" those words just came out my mouth.

"Prank us then" I heard Harry say


"Prank us in front of them and they will love you"

Melanie's P.O.V

"Nice, now you're teaming up." I laughed as I walked into the boys' bathroom. Eww disgusting!

"How'd you even hear us? We were almost whispering!" Louis exclaimed.

"No need to yell!" Niall, Zayn and I both yelled at Louis.

Liam just stood their texting while Harry still cleaned himself. I saw someone come out of one of the toilets. Crap, he heard everything. I grabbed him by his wrist and made him look me in the eye. I heard the others gasp.

"Shut up! Can't concentrate." I looked into the guy's eye and compelled him to forget whatever he had heard.

"We weren't teaming up! Why can't you stand the fact that they're trying to be nice to you." Violet asked. I don't know.

"You stripe boy stop calling me a bitch in your head." I just shrugged at her question.

" I don't know. I just have bad memories of the so called popular boys from before." It was true, no one knew this.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked me.

"I dated this guy Alex and he was popular just like you guys. And he cheated on me with my ex best friend. So I decided I would go against all popular boys. I thought of horrible memory that happened during High school. I had never told anyone.

"Oh." All of them said together.

"But we're different." Zayn said.

"Oh really? What's this I hear about Harry Styles nearly fucking every girl in the campus? Zayn Malik cheating on ex girlfriend."

"And where did you hear that from?" Harry asked.

"Boys on the football team." Why did they need to know.

I saw Louis and Liam holding back Harry and Zayn who's face filled with anger. I just gave them a confused look.

"They made it up cause we saw them doing drugs and cheating on their girlfriends. I turned it into the school and told their girlfriends." Harry explained as an "oh" escaped my mouth.

"Well I'm really sorry for what I did to you Harry yesterday and today." I looked at him apologetically and saw his dimples appear on his face. I just smiled and dragged Violent to the lunch room.

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