They Don't Know About Us

Aly is a superstar but also has a secret boyfriend, Niall Horan. What happens when she tells her fans at a concert will she break-up with niall or lose 75% of her fans...


2. Hey Nialler

Aly's p.o.v:

So I walk home from the studio to me and Niall's flat. "Allison" I call to the puppy Niall got me for my xmas.  "Hey Allison wheres Niallboo where is he?" I ask the pup then Allison walks out back to the patio and I see Niall strumminmg on his guitar. "got anything new?" I ask him "nope" he replys putting a pop in the 'P' sound. "you hungry?" I ask "yeah can we have a spaghetti" "sure". After Supper. I look on the clock its 6:39pm "niall do you wanna watch a movie?" I ask "ok which movie" "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3" "ok". Niall and I went and changed into our pj's. I held up my purple nightie and Niall's shirt which one just then Allison jumped up on the bed and tugged at Niall's shirt. I guess I'll wear that. Niall's p.o.v: Aly fell asleep on my chest during the movie. Aww she's so cute when she sleeps. I slighty move her over to the right and I turn off the DVD player and go to sleep as well.Next Morning. Crap I have to go meet up with the guys at the studio but I don't want to wake Aly so I grab a piece of paper and a pen and write Aly I have to go to the studio be back around 1:00 luv u. Oh btw this is niall. 

Aly's p.o.v: I wake up around 10:00am. That's my personal best. I walk out to the kitchen to feed me and Allison. But when I walk over to the fridge I see a note. I should either eat an apple or a banana. Eh why's it matter. Time to watch a movie. Hmm Toy Story 3. Allison snuggles up on the bed with me aww.

Niall's p.o.v: Well I finish up at the studio and I found out that I had to go on tour for 6 months. "Hey Simon can Aly, Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie come on tour with us?" I ask worried and curious "sure why not" pheww. Woo Hoo. Back at flat with rest of band and their girlfriends "Aly guess what you can come on tour with us" I tell aly "yay we should tell our fans about us then" I nodded and hugged her tight. Today was the best day ever.


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