They Don't Know About Us

Aly is a superstar but also has a secret boyfriend, Niall Horan. What happens when she tells her fans at a concert will she break-up with niall or lose 75% of her fans...


1. Aly Robins

Aly's P.O.V:

Hi I'm Aly and I'm dating Niall Horan. We're both celebrities. I'll tel you alittle bit about me

Full Name: Allison Ashe Robins

Age: 19

DOB: May 4th 1993

Hometown: Toronto,Canada

Current City: London England uk

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Animal: Dog

Best 2 Gifts Ever Recieved: Niall's love and allison the dog he got me for xmas.

I hope thats enough. Oh yeah I'm also a singer/dancer. Me and Catrina are singers together because were sisters. Well time for bed. nighty night.

A/N heyy I'm gonna post 1-2 chapters everyday on weekdays and on 2-3 chapters a day on weekends. later my little carrots. srry its so short

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