I Wanna Be Bad

Madison Lawrence is the most popular girl in school. She's head cheerleader, gets good grades, was junior prom queen, student council vice president, has the perfect boyfriend, and dad. She's basically perfect.

Andrew Patterson is just the opposite. He's been arrested tons of times, gets into fights, goes to parties, gets drunk almost every weekend, sleeps around, and breaks hearts monthly.

When Andrew begins to date Maddi's best friend, Lori, Maddi begins to see how adventurous and fun it is to be bad. She sees how it is to have an unreliable, badass boyfriend and wants the trill of that life. She's tired of being a good girl. She knows what she wants.

She wants to be BAD!

[PG-13] Parents Strongly Cautioned


1. Chapter One


"Wake up, Maddi!" my dad calls into my room.

I wake up and feel the bright sunlight on my face. I've got to close the window. It's not helping my eyesight. I close the blinds and get out of bed.

It's the first day of senior year and everyone's expecting me to dress my best. Last year ended with a bang. I was the most popular person in my grade, had all A's, no detentions, no tardies or absences, was class vice president, was head cheerleader, plus I finished the year as the 2011 junior prom queen. There could not be a better end for the year.

I picked out a light peach-colored dress with adorable pink hearts and a brown belt to wear then went downstairs for breakfast.

"There's my baby girl," my father said and laid me out my plate of breakfast. I reviewed it and smiled. It was pancakes (two), an egg, yogurt and -

"Three pieces of bacon?" I ask my father as if it was the biggest mistake to make in the world.

"Dad, three whole pieces, do you want me to get diabetes? I'm sorry Dad, but the bacon is just way too much. I mean, I can't what this; I'm trying to keep up my figure for prom queen this year. You know Dad, it's a proven fact that prom queens live five years longer than normal people. Don't you want me to live longer than -"

"Of course, honey, I do. I'd simply forgotten. I didn't think three pieces were that much."

I pushed bacon strips away and began to eat my breakfast. I couldn't believe my father was giving me three pieces of bacon, almost trying to poison me with greasiness and fat. It would take forever to burn off and that could ruin everything. I had to remain a moderate weight or I'd end up a loner and all my plans for this year would be ruined.

When I finished my breakfast I kissed my father goodbye and jumped in my black car and went on my way to school. The parking lot was full of buzzing kids and I smiled as I stepped out of the car.

"Maddi!" I knew that voice and it was someone I was looking forward to seeing.

I turned around and kissed my boyfriend, Dalton, sweetly.

"Um, should I take your bags?" he asked me kindly. "I guess," I told him and let him take my bag. He smiled at me and held my hand all the way into the school. "I missed you a lot last night," he said to me. "Dalton, we saw each other just two days ago," I said simply. "I know but I hated being apart even for that amount of time," he smiled.

"I think I'm gonna go to first hour," I told him.

I was thinking about putting up my student council posters for class president this time instead of vice. I hated being vice. I felt like I had come in second best and I knew I deserved so much better than that. I should have been president instead of stupid Tammy Davis' vice. Tammy Davis was an idiot and I was using her for power. She just barely graduated last year. I honestly don't know how she did it. But student council is just a popularity contest so I'm not surprised that she did win. That was why I thought it was a good idea to team up; because I knew Tammy was the most popular girl in school but this year I think I've managed to get to that position.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by my best friend, Lorie. She almost just completely scared me to death when she showed up behind my back.

"Dammit, Lori, what the hell is wrong with you!" I screamed, gasping to catch my breath.

"Sorry, I'm just a bit excited I guess." "Why is that?" I ask. "Because," she tells me, "Andrew Patterson just asked me out on a date!" I groaned.

Andrew Patterson was the biggest badass in the school. He had been with almost every girl; got horrible grades, showed up to every party, got tattoos, drank, apparently did drugs apparently, and had gotten arrested at least twice.

"Why the hell would you wanna date a jerk like that?" I ask her.

"He's not a jerk. Have you not seen him - he's gorgeous!"

"He's evil. Have you not heard the stories of what he's done?" I ask. "He's told girls he's loved them just to get them in bed and then forgotten all about them. He's bad news. You shouldn't be involved with anyone like that. You're too good for him."

"He's not a bad guy, Maddi, I promise he's not. I felt like he really meant it when he asked me out. I felt like he really liked me and I think maybe it'll be different this time."

I wanted to tell her how dumb she was being and that I thought she was acting like a reckless idiot but I contained myself and said nothing but, "Alright, I trust your judgment."

It was a lie.

The actual situation was anything but.

I didn't trust Lori's judgment and in fact I still thought she was an idiot. I felt like if everyone thought like me the world would be a better place. She was truly an idiot if she thought that after dating her Andrew might somehow change. I thought it was really stupid that girls were so naïve as to think that maybe they could be the one to change Andrew Patterson. That was the only reason girls ever went out with guys like him. Other girls wanted a guy like Dalton.

He's a sweet guy, who doesn't get jealous, has your parents approval, is a gentlemen, always making sure you're comfortable, and not ever concerned with sex but it's very hard to find a guy like him. That's why I'm so glad to have him.

After school my boyfriend, Dalton, texts me to ask if I would like to go over to his house and see a movie. I quickly text back that I'll be there in a second but he tells me to stop and wait for him to pick me up instead.

I put on my jacket and head out the door when I heard him honking from outside.

"I'm sorry for honking so loudly; was it too obnoxious?" he asks.

"Gosh, Dalton, it was nothing," I tell him with a bit of a laugh. "So what are we going to watch?" "I thought maybe we could watch the Titanic," Dalton says as we pull out of the driveway. "Dalton, we always watch Titanic. Can't we watch anything - I dunno, better?" "The Titanic is a classic. Nothing is better than it."

"Well, I'm not watching it," I said crossing my arms.

"Why?" he asks in a sweet voice.

"I don't want to. We're not watching it!" I say simply. "Well, if you don't want to we'll watch something else," he says with a warm smile and reaches out for my hand. "Oh, yeah, both hands should be on the wheel," he laughs then pulls away.

When we get to his house I can't help but think:

What the hell was that? I was a complete bitch to him. I started a stupid argument and was completely rude. So how on Earth did he not even get the slightest bit angry in return? He should have at least made snappy remark but no. He stayed perfectly calm and let me walk all over him.
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