He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


2. when he found me

"Hello love do you need help?"He asked me.It just HAD to be Liam Payne. Why couldn't a hobo come and find me?

"I am fine."i replied rolling my eyes.

"You don't look ok."He said reaching his hand out at me.I stared at it.Right now i didnt think that i could even look at anybody.More than that i didnt want to trust anyone.

"Um...no i am fine thank you very much."i said putting my head on the side of my legs.As i hugged them.He picked me up and made me stand.I immeadiatly made him lose his grip of me.

"LET GO OF ME!"I screamed.-"I  DIDN'T ASK YOU TO HELP ME!"I yelled in his face making sure that he felt ashamed.I don't know why i am not taking his offer, he probably had a good place to stay.I could stay there for a little while.

"Hey... hey....hey,look at me,look at me.I know you are in an uncomfortable state and you probably don't trust anyone right now,but i can help you,can you please take my offer?Please?"He said making me look into his eyes.I looked at the floor.There was a moment of silence.He was still holding me.He was griping my sides and moving his hands up and down my shoulders to my elbows.I suddenly felt this protective field,around me and him.I finally looked up at him.I jerked away from him.

"Fine,but on these conditions.number 1 this better not become one off those cheesy love fan fictions people make up, 2 you will not hurt me in anyway and 3 don't you DARE talk about how i got here,my family or anything like that.Got it?"I said staring at him waiting for him to answer me.

"Fine,now my car is right over there."he said linking his arm with mine.I took my arm out of his reach.

"I can walk myself,i am not disabled."I said even though my leg was in soo much pain.He took me in his arms again and lifted me and put me over his shoulder.I was banging on his back and screaming at him to  let go of me.We got to the car, Liam opened the passenger door and closed it.I sat there pouting while he drove me to what looked like a mansion.I sat there looking out the car window,wondering what could await me behind that door.He got out and opened the door for me.Took his hand out and helped me out of the car.

"Wow your ankle looks really hurt."-He said looking down at my leg-"Did you twist it or something it looks kinda purple."

"I am fine,can you please open the door now."I said limping up to it.He took his key out and opened the door.I stood behind him scared of what was inside.The rest of the boys were sitting watching TV .I clinged onto Liam's back so that they wouldn't see me.

"Um...guys this is umm...umm.I didn't catch your name love."He said turning to me.

"umm Jessica "I whispered into his back.He saw that I became very shy.He then walked me up to what looked like his room.

"Whats wrong?"He asked me placing me on the bed and getting me some medication for my ankle and my eye.

"I just don't feel comfortable being with so many people in one day.I may have been loud with you because i don't feel like i can trust anybody right now."I said running my hand through the soft blanket.

"Ya,I can sense that."He said putting a bandage on my ankle.He moved up to my eye.He put the alcohol on it,softly and gently,with his tender soft hands.He looked very consecrated on the injury.I screamed softly a couple times because the pain was unbearable. He stopped and looked into my one good eye

"Hey,I know that you don't want to be here,and you hate me,but let me tell you something.I will take care of you until i know that you are able to take of yourself.But until then i am here for you."He said getting up and putting all of the stuff away.

"Top or bottom."He asked holding up a pj's bottom and a pj's top.I whipped my head around to him as if he was some crazy person.I had my tank top under so it was ok if i had the bottom.I pointed to the bottom.He smiled and threw it at me.He went into the bathroom, purposely not fully closing the door.I was still sitting there,sneaking a peek at his very well toned abs,when he took off his shirt.He came back and went to bed.I took my turn and got changed.

Liam's POV

I gave her the pj's bottom and went to the bathroom to change.I purposely left the door open a little.I looked at the corner of my eye and saw her looking at me up and down.I chuckled and moved away from the door so that i could change my pants.I always sleep with only my pjs bottom on.When i came out i got into bed and fell asleep, Jessica then got up and got changed.

Jessica's POV

When i came back to the bed Liam was asleep.I then found a extra blanket on the floor.I was happy he respected my privacy.i snuggled up in the blanket feeling very protected.

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