He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


4. That Dance

Liam then found some jeans,they were skinny jeans and had some small rips in the sides.

"Liam i think this is ruiened i gonna go and find the manager."I said making my way to the counter.I pushed threw other people in the line and slapped the jeans down on the counter.

"I believe that you have ripped jeans here.You should feel ashamed.Selling broken jeans.You..."-Liam then interrupted me.-"Sorry she's not really up to the style and she hasn't been shopping often sorry about that.Please continue."He said pushing me into a corner.

"What are you doing?These are the style of the jeans.Have you ever been shopping before?GOD!"His voice rose.I stared to cry.I never liked being yelled at. Especially because i didn't know what to do,i had never gone shopping for clothes before.When Liam saw that i was crying,he tried to explain but it was to late.I dropped the jeans and ran out of the store.I had no idea where i was going.I then broke down in-front of a cap store.5 minutes later i heard a soft cry that held my name.It gradually got louder as it came closer.I then recognized the voice. Liam. He then found me and knelled down to my level.

"Oh my god Jessica i am so sorry i didn't mean to yell at you."He said putting his hand on my cheek and wiping my tears with his thumb.I had an earge to push his hand away and run away again,but i didn't.

"How can you be sorry?I have never done this before the only shopping i did was to the grogrey store and the drug store to buy my mom liquor ciggarets and food!I have never gone shopping!"I screamed. he then put both his hands on my cheeks and hushed me in a very calm voice.

"Shh. I didn't know i am so sorry.Can you ever forgive me?"He said lifting my head which forced my eyes to meet his.

"I don't even think that i can look at you."I said still very very very mad at him.

"Well maybe this will help you forgive me."He said.His face got closer to mine.He kissed my lips softly.I felt another protective field around us,but it was stonger.I put my hands on his arms.When my lips left contact with his,he picked me up,and smiled.

"Do you forgive me now?"He said looking into my eyes.

"Ya i guess so."I said happier than i have ever been.He took my hand and we went to a couple stores to find my style.It was layered clothes.When we got out of the mall, Liam laughed.

"What?"I asked looking at myself to see if i found something wrong.

"It's just so cute the way you have so much bags and how excited you are.Your like a hyper active squirrel."He said leading me to the car.We got in the car and went to what looked like a camp site


Liam opened my door and put my shopping bags in the back of the car.I  changed into a summer dress.I have never wore a dress before.I felt  free like a  bird.He turned to volume on the radio on,on full blast.He took my hand,while i was staring at the purple,orange,pink sunset that looked over the whole city.

"Its beautiful isn't it?"He asked me.I could feel his eyes on me but i still didn't turn to him.All of a sudden beautiful soul by Jesse McCartney played.

"Would you like to dance."He asked.I turned to him very confused.I have never danced before.

"Oh um no not really."I said sitting on the dry,prickly grass.It was Liam's turn to be confused.

"Why whats wrong?"He asked sitting next to me.

"I have never danced."

"Here i will help you."He said forcing me to stand up.He told me to take off my shoes,so i did as i was told.He then instructed me to stand on his feet.He held my waist tightly.We went slow.I had alot of fun.He put his head on my shoulder.Then rack city came on.i smiled at him and we both started dancing to it then we got into the car.


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