He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


3. Still worried

When i woke up i had my arms around Liam's waist.I opened my eyes slowly,feeling strangely relaxed and happy. Every time i would wake up i would hear my mother screaming at me.This time i heard birds chirping,and the soft snoring of Liam he's so..NO no no no.Come on Jessie don't fall in love with him,he is just supplying a shelter,food,and clothing for you for a little while then you'll be back on your feet.I slowly moved my arm from under his.He immeadiatly censored that i was awake.I removed my arm before he turned and faced me.

"Morning.Did you have a good sleep?"He asked sitting up and putting the tv on.

"Fine thank you.Actually better than i had in a long time.Your bed is really comfortable "I said fiddling with the pj's bottom he gave me.He was looking at the floor.

"Hey..um..do you have any clothes with you."He asked trying to break the silence.

"No i don't."

"Good."He said giving me a small grin.

"What do you mean good?"I asked feeling some how offended

"Well i said good because,if you are going to be stay here for awhile then you are going to need some clothes"He said getting up and putting a shirt on.I looked at him staring at how his body was formed.He turned around,with me still staring at him.He chuckled at me with a seductive grin.

"Ha stare much."

"Oh um um no i i um i."I stuttered. I felt so embarrassed.

"Hey,its fine.So if you can wear this and your sweats you would look decent."He said giving me one of his polos. I chuckled.

"HAHAHAH. Liam for i guy that  i hate, you really are funny."I laughed thinking that he was telling a joke.

"I'm serious."He said looking at me as if i was messed up.What does a teenage boy know about fashion.I took the top,and found a hair elastic on the floor.I rolled it up and  tighten it,then put my sweats on.

"That will do."He said standing at the bedroom door and smiling.What part of sweats and a big t-shirt looked good?

"Can you just go and get the car warmed up and pick a restaurant while your at it thanks."I said finding my shoes that i probably left at the door.

"Yes your highness"he said as he twirled his way to the hallway.

"Don't call me that just go."I said in an annoyed tone, but when really didn't mined that he called me that.And the way he said it made me think that i like him even more.I ran out the door and walked down the stairs practically stomping.I found the rest of the boys half awake.Panicking i turned to the kitchen and found the blond one sitting on the counter and the curly  haired one standing and watching the pancakes cook on the stove.

"Oh hello.Jessica right?"The curly one said still focused on the stove.He whipped his hands on the towel that hung on the oven handle.His hand in the air expecting a handshake.I didn't take his hand.I was worried.

"I am Harry and this is Niall."He said with his hand still waiting for that hand shake.I was still worried.He slowly let his hand down as Liam walked into the kitchen.

"Oh i see you guys have meet Jessica "He said i didn't see his facial expression because i still didn't move.Not because i was a fan but because i hadn't meet other people before.

"Well we are off to the mall.Oh and lads please don't wreck this house.i am tired of getting new furniture."He said as the boys chuckled.He put his hand on my hip and pulled towards the door.Once i couldn't see the boys.With no expression on my face i took his hand and pulled it off my hip and pushed his hand to his side.

"Don't touch me."I said in a very choppy voice.I rolled my eyes and put my shoes on and brushed past him to the car.'Well' he mouthed.I moved my arms up meaning 'are you coming or what'.He ran to door and opened the car door for me.

"I can open the door my self.God whats with all the manners."I said still in pain from my injured leg.It hurt more than yesterday.

"Well i was just trying to be a gentle man."He said going to his side of the car and opened the door.




The mall was not as packed as i thought it was. Liam had some sun glasses on and his hoody up.I looked at him.

"What the hell are you doing."I said looking at him with confusion.

"I am hiding."He said pulling the hoddy over his head further.

"Ohhh is the poor little pop star to scared to face to paparazzi?"I laughed.

"You don't get it do you?"He said turning to me.

"Get what?Being a pop star. It cant be that difficult.You get everything you want and people do what you want"-I said looking at a cute crop top.-"I like this."I said putting the top over the top i was wearing and looking in the mirror.I was still looking at my self and Liam was right behind me as him head appeared over my right shoulder.

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