He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


16. Liam

I sat on the bed in amazement.I then felt the weight go down on the left side of the bed.I looked over and saw jessica sitting cross legged with her legs crossed,in my large shirt with a brown book with gold writting on the cover.Her long brunette hair covered her face.She looked like her life was over.

"Jess?U ok?"I asked putting her hair behind her soft empty peicerd ear.I looked over at her eyes that were fixed on the book.

"I...just..."She stutterd.

"I'm an angel."She chuckled in disbelieve.

"I don't get it why would they choose me my life was so.Horrible.Tragic.Meaningless.Then i find out that my whole life was a trick!"She ranted.She hardened her grip on the book as her knuckles turned white.

I looked over at the book.The cover was blank.I flipped through and saw that nothing was on the pages.They were thick beige pages.with nothing

"Theres nothing here!"I stated.she grabbed the book away from me.As she held it it shone a bright gold light.Slowly carving a hand with wings on the middle ,in a gold outline.Jessica looked at it confused.She then ran her hands along the book and shuddered.She started jerking, and shaking violently.I was in shoke i had no idea what to do.I sat not knowing how to react ,to what was happining.she landed on the floor with a thud.She kept clenching her muscels,and arching her back.The t-shirt turned a bright red. ' NO NO I CANT LOSE HER NO!!'I thought in my head.All of a sudden i heard a knock on the door and niall burst right in with a bucket of what looked like hot water.She yelped.

"NIALL WHAT THE HELL!!SHES DIEING!!!"I yelled clenching my fists.

"Liam calm down i know what im doing ."

"DUDE SHES IN PAIN!"i yelled.I watched him neal over to her her face pale as he reached picked her up gently and set her face flat on the bed.I touched her heart.It was pumping calmly.I let out a relieved sigh.

"What happend?Whats going on?"I looked at Niall puzzeld

"Well you clearly know what happend to her.Im an angel too.I was the most powerful angel.I lost my wings when Zark defedend me.My misson was to prevent him form having Zayn.When i lost my wings i wasnt able to fly and all of my powers were lost.I have the knowledge not the strengh.My new mission is to train Jessica.She has to defieat Zayn."Niall expained what was happing to him as he Put Jessica on her stomach.

"Ok.So why are you guys trying to defeat Zayn?Isnt he just like you guys?"

"Hes a Dark Angel.Well partially.When i was about to defeat Zark he became weak the only way he can get to his full power is getting into Zayns body.When he does that we dont know where Zayn goes.When he leaves his body Zayn doesnt even know what has just happened."

"But waht about zayns dad know is he Zark?"

"No hes not.He has too fathers but the only one he knows is the one that we all know.He doesnt know about Zark."I looked at him puzzeld.

"Ok Liam I need you to pull up her shirt."


"Just do it goddamm it!"

"Fine."I gave in.I slowly pulled up her shirt as i saw a white tattoo on her back.Angel wings.They were as big as her whole back.I was in shock.The tattoo had many complex writting and patterns.I watched it as the outline was changing colors.Then i watched her move slightly 


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