He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


8. jessica


I nudged him trying to get him to leave that trail of thought.

"Liam?Liam?LIAM!?"I could barely scream let alone yell.I still couldn't get him to even look at me.I then put my upper body on top of his and kissed him passionately  He got out of his trans he turned to me with a cute smile that i have never seen creep his face before.He flipped over to face me.

"Baby whats wrong?"I asked him stroking his 1/2 grown hair creating a really cute quiff 

"I am just thinking."

"Whatcha thinkin' about?"

"Well just about how much i really love you and how much i am going to protect you."He said in a more serious tone.I looked at him puzzled. Why did he seem so mad ?

"Why do you seem so mad?"

"I was just thinking.You had it so bad and i would never even imagine being in that situation.I love you and i will never ever let you go."He said pulling me closer to his bare chest he was hot.Like literally heat hot.I kissed his neck.I got up and put my sweats on.

"Ok you need to get up now."I said opening the closed drapes.URG.Is all that came out of him.He pulled the soft designer sheets over his head to hide the fact that he had to get up.

"Babe you have to get up!"I said.He didn't move.I got on the bed and jumped on what seemed to be his back.I started jumping up and down.I unraveled the covers and found his feet.

"What the?"the feet slipped away and i was grabbed by mine .I then slid down the bed.When i was almost off I was picked up by Liam in a purple plaid shirt with skinny jeans.

"No you need to get up."He said chuckling.I laid my head back as my hair dropped down like a rope coming out of a tower.He kissed my temple.I laughed.He carried me down stairs.Sat me up on the counter and made breakfast.I watched him open the fridge.It looked pretty full but mostly stuffed with pizzas.I let him make breakfast.I groggily walked to the living room and saw the boys having their feet on the glass counter and sitting on the edges of the black leather couch.I sneakingly got a pillow and hit them all in the face with it.They either fell over or moved their positions.

"I may not talk to you but when i do......I don't really now what i would do but..........Ok i am really messing this up......I am Jessica ,but i am giving you the choice of calling me Jessie."They all looked kinda shocked.

"Oh and i am 'sorry' for hitting you."I said putting quotitons on sorry.Then i coughed out 'not really'.

"Well i am guessing your a fan?"The blond asked.

"Ha.Ohhh.Ha.Ha.No."I said moving my facial expressions from happy to sad.

"umm ok then.Well i am Niall this is, Louis ,harry, Zayn and you are already friendly with Liam "He said looking over to Liam who looked very concentrated on the stove.

"Oh and by the way."I said giving them a stern face and a stern finger.

"Do NOT!Put your nasty feet on my perfectly clean table."-I looked and could smell their gross feet stink-"Ohhh. wow and take a foot bath or something gosh."I laughed.I turned and admired how Liam tried to get all of 7 plates.I rolled my eyes and ran over to him before the food became the floors breakfast.I grabbed all of them in only two arms and still having enough room to grab some place mats.I put the place mats on the glass counter,and placed the plates on top within 5 minutes.With his mouth already full Niall exampled 

"Liam I really like this girl she is definetly a keeper!"He smiled.Liam came over putting his hands around my waist.

"Yep defenitly a keeper.Oh babe do you want to out for walk today?They say its going to like 20 degrees out!"His eyes widened at the idea.

"Ya of course i would love to!"I said kissing his right cheek 

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