He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


6. Jessica

I decided to leave the boys perplexed .so i watched TV and started to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs.Liam came up to me still in shock.He sat down and put his arms around me.

"Babe where did you learn to clean so fast?"He wondered.It took me a while to process what he was saying.I then realized that in order to answer the question i would have to tell him about my mom.Memories about her came back.I then remembered the time before i left the house.she screamed back at me "That's right b*tch run you little s* ut. You came run but you cant hide.I will find you.YOU HEAR ME I WILL FIND YOU!"I heard her scream.All of the memories came back.I could feel my throat tighten with a burning feeling.I really had to cry,I couldn't do it.I couldn't just cry in front of Liam and other people i don't know.Liam interrupted my thoughts.

"Hey Jessie are you ok?"Liam said getting closer to my face.I  was ready to burst any moment.I could tell that he wanted to kiss me,and i really wanted to kiss him.But first i really needed a moment.

"I'm sorry."I said.I walked to the staircase and started to run.As i started to run it reminded me of how i would run and try to hind form my mother

"Was it something i said?"Liam asked.I didn't turn back.I could feel his intense eyes on me..My heart started pounding and i swear that you would be able to see it pop in and out of my chest.Blood started to pump in my ears.I ran into Liam's room.I did my defense mechanize  that i would use to hide from my mom.I ran to the bed and hide under it.It was surprisingly clean and spacious. I was able to breath so i wasn't really scrunched up.I started to cry.No not cry bawl.I could hear and feel the vibrations of someone come up the stairs.I tried to stop crying,but i couldn't. I heard the door creak open and slide against the carpet which made a soft sliding sound.

"Jessie?Jessica where are you  here love?"Liam sounded very worried.I didn't want to come out from out of the bed .His foot steps got louder and softer as he wondered around the room.He finally bent down,lifted the covers to reveal under bed.

"Are you under..."-He paused as i saw the sheet move.-"Here?"He said loudly and short as he quickly lifted the sheets.I screamed and lifted my head forgetting that i was under the bed.I started to cry some more because of the pain.

"Oh baby come here."He said.He took my arms and pulled me out slowly.He then sat me up.He separated his legs and i sat in that small space.I  leaned against him and cried.He started to play with my hair.Which calmed me down and i felt protected. 

"Love whats wrong.Was something wrong with what i said?"He asked softly.I slowly nodded as he lifted my head and wiped my tears away with his thumb.

"Do you want to tell me about it?"He questioned.I then got up and he went up with me.I sat on the bed.He got me up on his lap and caressed my hair.

"Liam,before i tell you,i just want to say that i trust you and you can't tell anyone about this because it's kinda personal."He smiled and nodded.

"Ok well when you said that how did i learn how to clean so fast,it was because of my mom.She would force me to clean and if i didn't do it the way she wanted, she would hit me with anything that was near.I would get yelled at in the morning and get slapped.I would walk to school and it's 5 blocks away from my house.In the winter she would force me to go with out a jacket.When i went to school people suspected that i cut myself and starved my self,because i really skinny.It was my moms fault ,she wouldn't let me eat. i was only able to cook for her and when we  went to parties is the only time i actually ate.Your probably wondering how i got stranded.Well it was 2 in morning and I was up doing my homework.My mom came home  from the bar or club or wherever she was.She called me... actually not called yelled, at me to come downstairs.I forgot to clean up the spill on the floor from when i came down to get a class of water.She hit me not really caring where.I told her it was an accident but she didn't believe me.she then just kicked me out and i couldn't turn back.And that's where you come in."-I paused for a minute so that Liam could soak it all in.his head was down so i couldn't see his expression.I then continued-"But the only happiness i actually ever had was from my father.He is in jail,once again all because of my mom. When they got divorced and went to court my mom already kicked my dad out of the house.He had no where to stay,so he wouldn't be able to take care of me,more importantly himself.My mom then lied to the judge and said that my dad hit her and me.He did hit me once but it was a mistake because he was taking to a friend and i was right by his side and when he moved his arm his hand hit me in the face.The judge then sentenced him to 30 years.It was very unfair.He sends me letters every month and I then know that at  least someone actually loves me. That's why i was so upset when i saw you because i wanted to be left alone.But i am really really glad you refused to leave me ."I simpered at the ground.I lifted his head and tears were coming out of his beautiful brown eyes.the tear shone down form the small sun light coming through the partly closed blinds.

"I never knew that you had it so bad!"Liam said in between sobs.

"Hey..babe like you said you will protect me and provide for me."I said changing my position i put my legs around his waist and came in closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder and ran my hands making shapes on his back.We stayed like that for the rest of the night.When i awoken i was wearing a big shirt.Only a big shirt.Liam as usual had his shirt off.We weren't covered by the covers,so i could feel my benumbed toes try and find warmth.I looked over to Liam who looked lost in a trial of thought 

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