He saved me

A girl that had a horrible back story.A guy came to help as if a night in shining armor.Did she want to be the princess he saved.Or did she not trust him as well as she thought she did.Or will she be a princess with some fine print hidden in that pretty dress of hers
Read to find out and PLZ comment,and comment!!!!!


12. 6 Months later-jessica

It was time.My leg has came out of the cast but i was still on crouches.I sat down on the couch and rested my leg on liams lap.

"Love?do you think you're ready?"He asked gently caressing my thighs.I got a knot in my stomach.I didnt undertand the feeling that  i was having but i actually liked it.

"Umm i dont now im kinda scared."I confessed

"Well the doctor said thatt it will be fine in 6 months.Its been six months.And next week is our 1 year annaversary.And if you leg gets better then we will beable to do what i played to do next week."He said raising his brow at me and tickleing my side.i giggled.My sides were my weakaness.

"Well um okay.Can you take it off.I am scared."I said covering my eyes.I then felt the large plastic thing on my leg get removed aa a soft large hand replacing it.I bit the bottom of my lip scared that it might hurt.But it didnt.

"Well?"He asked.

"it feels.Fine!!"I yelled.He then laughed and grabed my sides and tickled me.I laughed so hard.My head ended up on liams lap.He stopped.His laughing slowly died.

"Jessica?"He asked as he massaged my scalp.It sent chill's down my spine.I moved closer to him as he ingulfed me into his warmth 

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