Holy Bieber!

Maria is an eighteen year old girl who loves Justin Bieber. One day she decides to go to the mall while everyone else talks about Justin coming to town. Maria is too poor to get tickets but what she doesn't know is what she desires is right under her nose.


3. One less lonely girl<3

Justin took me to the car and I saw Kenny, pattie, and Christian. What's up with all the cute boys today?! There was no room for me so I had to sit on Justin's lap which I didn't mind to be honest. I just thought to myself 'wow how did I get so lucky' when we got to Reno events center i was blown away. I mean I've always drove by but never imagined I'd actually come here. When justin whispered in my ear I noticed the car stopped." Hey beautiful it's time to go inside" I blush because ahh justin bieber just called me beautiful! Kenny opened the door so I got out. I felt someone tap my shoulder. To my surprise it was none other than Christian Beadles! He flipped his hair and smiled." Hey I'm Christian, and you are?" I giggled." I'm Maria" I saw him lick his lips." So are you single?" I grinned at him" why yes I believe I am" I looked behind him and saw justin. He looked mad so I stopped flirting. When we got backstage I couldn't help but gasp. I had never been to a concert before, let alone backstage. Justin put his arm around me." So Maria I'm guessing this is your first time at a concert I blush "is it too obvious?" Justin smiles." Haha not really I figured you'd seen my boy Sean Kingston here" I could tell he was being sarcastic so I giggled. Justin took new into his dressing room and shut the door. I didn't know what to expect so I sat down. He picked out a shirt, threw the other at me and slipped the new shirt on. Oh his abs were perfect. His hand went directly to his hair to fix it." Don't worry biebs your hair is fine" he raised an eyebrow and got closer to me." But not as fine as you." He said with a smug grin. I could not believe my ears. Justin was hitting on me.
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