Holy Bieber!

Maria is an eighteen year old girl who loves Justin Bieber. One day she decides to go to the mall while everyone else talks about Justin coming to town. Maria is too poor to get tickets but what she doesn't know is what she desires is right under her nose.



It was him. Justin Bieber. Wow he looks amazing today! When I jump back into reality I'm staring straight into his chocolate brown eyes." Hey I'm Justin" he holds out his hand but I impulsively hug him, and he hugs back!!" My name is Maria" I see a hint of his white smile creep up." Maria nice name it's so.. Original yet.. Unique." Oh my bieber he likes my name! It can't get any better than this." So do you have plans for tonight?" My heart drops because I realize nope I don't!!" Sadly no" I see Justin frown." Really? Well guess what I'm gonna bring you to the concert!" I can't help but to hug him again. Me, going to a justin bieber concert is a once and a lifetime thing!" Yes! Thank you thank you thank you!" He laughs." No problem shawty" OMB he called me shawty. He is quite the charmer!" So uh let's leave now" I nod." Wait, what about my mom?" He looks over at her and smiles." Ask, the worst she can say Is no" that was the truth the worst she COULD say was no but I wouldn't let her!"mom can I go to the bieber concert?" My mom looked like she'd seen a ghost." Of course have a great time sweetie!!" I could not believe it I was going to the justin bieber concert everyone had been talking about and I was pumped! Sorry jersey shore marathon you just have to wait because I'm going to hang out with the one the only justin drew bieber!
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