Holy Bieber!

Maria is an eighteen year old girl who loves Justin Bieber. One day she decides to go to the mall while everyone else talks about Justin coming to town. Maria is too poor to get tickets but what she doesn't know is what she desires is right under her nose.


6. Lips like butter<3

Electricity! Pure electricity. When justin kissed me it felt like the forth of July zipped through my body. He pulled back and looked at me." Maria I'm sorry it just happened!" I laugh at him "Justin, don't worry.. I- I liked it" I made him chuckle to himself then I looked behind me. Christian had tears in his eyes, so he ran away."Christian wait!" I run after him, justin came with me. I looked around buy could not find him anywhere. And I mean anywhere. When I looked back at justin he had a slight frown upon his flawless face."I'm sorry Maria. I keep making everything worse. I wouldn't be surprised if you never talked to me again!" I raise an eyebrow "your acting like its a big deal justin. Really it's not. Christian has a crush on me. I'm pretty sure if you saw me kissing him you'd run away too." He got close "hmm" I tilt my head "what?" He looks into my eyes."I'm trying to figure you out.-" I hear a door creek open and see Chris so I walk towards him."you okay Beadles?" He nods "yeah ill be fine, I just like you so much. Your not like the other girls who try to use us. You like justin for hisself and I think that's attractive. I also love long curly hair." I kiss Christian's cheek and hug him."I like you too" I get a text and its from my mom
Mom: hey baby, Do you think they can drop you off at home?
Me:yeah I'm on my way!
*end of convo*
I look at justin."I have to be home soon, do you think you can drop me off?" Justin grabs my hand."of course babe" we go to the car and drive to my house. "I don't want you to leave!" Justin says squeezing my hand. "And you think I want too? Justin this has been the best day ever!" He kisses me."can I have your number?" I laugh "of course" I put my number in his phone."you'll know when I text you." I giggle "okay" we pull up into the driveway."Justin I want to hang out again!" He holds me tight."me too, how about I'll pick you up at oh I don't know noon tomorrow?" I widen my eyes "I'd love that" justin kisses me and I go inside. I flop onto the bed and curl into a ball. Need my beauty rest for Jbiebes;)
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