Holy Bieber!

Maria is an eighteen year old girl who loves Justin Bieber. One day she decides to go to the mall while everyone else talks about Justin coming to town. Maria is too poor to get tickets but what she doesn't know is what she desires is right under her nose.


4. Beadles vs. Bieber!

Justin's a flirt so I let it slide." We should get going!" He sighs " oh uh okay" I see justin is disappointed but doesn't come back so I walk out to look for him then someone grabs my waist." Justin?" I hear a chuckle." Guess again baby" I turn around and see Christian." Hey, have you seen justin?" He sighs "no why?" I get mad" well if you do can you tell him I'm sorry?" Christian gets close to me so I back away." Come on baby lets not focus on bieber right now" I back into a wall, that he soon pins me up to." What do you want Christian?" He whispers "you" then kisses me. I push him away and glare at him." Christian I don't like you that way" when he tries to kiss me again but we hear someone clear their throat. It's justin, so I run over to him and he hugs me." Christian what's going on!?" I look back at him, he's now scared and small." Nothing, bieber!" Justin charges towards Chris but Kenny grabs him "woah justin calm down!" He grabs my hand and takes me around the corner. We hug once again." Are you okay?" I nod I response. Justin kisses my head." What'd he do?" I gulp "tried to get with me, you saved the day though" I made him blush." Really? Wow I thought Beadles was better than that. Anyways come on, it's time for the show." I can't believe it! It's hard to imagine Christian Beadles and Justin Bieber competing for me but on the other hand I thought it was pretty wired that Christian would do that. I mean why me? I'm not hot but, I'm not ugly. Maybe he just wanted to push Justin's buttons
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