Holy Bieber!

Maria is an eighteen year old girl who loves Justin Bieber. One day she decides to go to the mall while everyone else talks about Justin coming to town. Maria is too poor to get tickets but what she doesn't know is what she desires is right under her nose.


1. The mall

Maria come on honey lets go!" I hear my mother scream from outside."coming mom!" I really needed this shopping spree since the last time I got clothes was last year. I put on some shorts, a floral top, and my worn out navy blue tennis shoes."coming momma" I curl my hair and put a little makeup on. I run out the door and jump into our little car. By the time we get to the mall it's only been about five, ten minutes. My mother smiles at me." Ready sweetheart?" I smile back." Yes I've needed this momma" I know what your thinking. Why is an eighteen year old girl calling her mom momma? Here's your answer: because I can. There happy!?(sarcastically speaking)
When we get inside the mall there is a big pack of girls. I look to see what's going on but I can't so I squeeze through and there he is right before my eyes stands in front of me.
Justin Bieber!

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