What I thought was right

"I thought it was right to love a man that was more liked at school and thought that when we broke up everything would go back to what it was." Jessy thought she could survive the heart break of the most popular boy louis tomlinson at school. It went from friends, best friends into a relationship. can Jessy win back the heart of a guys she fell hard for??


2. The Worst Day Ever

When i arrived at school I saw Luke and instently go scared. I put my bike on the bike rack and headed towards Luke's direction ready for the worse.

            "Look its pice of shit!(my nickname from them) What you doing peice of shit?" Luke said coming closer to me. i put my head down and walked to the door. " Your not going to ignore me bitch!" Luke said pulling me too the ground. "Louis wants me to tell your his never going to be your friend again your to weired, and annoying. he said your were the most neediest person the planet. so stop talking to him he hates you!" Luke said standing over my all ready brused and hurt body from him. " Why dont you go die in a ditch nobody even likes you all your friends hate you."

          " I-I know your liein-" i began to say but he then punshed me in stomic almost making me puke. He stude up and started kicking me. The bell to get to class ran, Thank God! " you got lucky peice of shit, Never talk back to me again!" Luck said kicking me one more time. When he left i got back up and went to class which was math and of course Luck and Louis was in that class and i sat inbetween them.

          "Jessy why are you late?" Ask the teach as i sat down. I could barley speak.

          " She feel of her bike and i helped her to the nurse." Louis said helping me out. The teacher turned around and continued writing on the board. Louis knew what was going on with me and Luke but Luck would kill Louis if he said anything. "I know what he did.........I'm sorry Jes." Louis whispered to me almost making me cry because he called me Jes when we were friends and dating.

          "Thanks Lou.........can you help me with this problem?" I Whispered back sounding weak and ready to cry. Louis looked over at my paper and helped me he knew i was bad at math and he was good at it. Luck looked over and saw him helping me and us smiling.

          " Dont help her lou shes just a piece of shit and a waist of space and time." Luke said really meanly. I put my head down and looked at my paper i could feel my eyes watering "See shes a whimp can't even take a few words. Shes only good at crying." i rubed my eyes and turned away louis was looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes. i always loved his eyes. You could swim in the.

          "Dude... Stop." Louis said looking at Luke.

          "No shes to much fun to hurt. Why did you go out with this peice of shit anyway? She's a slut." I stude up moving my chair back making a loud noise with my chair. I turned to Luke and slapped him.

         "Miss Green!!! See me after class for now go sit in the back by nobody." I picked up my stuff and started walking back I heard Luke call me a fat slut as i left the area. Being in the back made it worse with math i sucked at it i couldn't understand what the teacher said all the way back here. When the bell rang i watched everyone leave. I sat next to the door and saw everyone leave. With the edvantage of being by the door and people hiding me frome teacher view Luke didn't hesitate on giving me the middle finger before he left.

       "Oh Miss Green, what are we going to do with you..." The teacher said handing me a note. I looked at it, great a detention slip just what i needed. "If you do anything bad in class again you will be cleaning under the desk understude."

       "Yes..." I wanted to talk abck to her so bad but then i would get another detention.

        The rest of my day was good but when I was walking home I saw Luke waiting for me. I gulped and walked slow to him. That was the only way home.

        "Hey. I have a new nickname for you its called fat slut." I stoped in my tracks and clenched my fist. "Louis wants me to tell you he doesn't like you and he wants you to never ever talk to him again." I spinned around looking at him. My heart fell when i heard that but i couldn't belive him. He needed prove. " Here look." he took out a text that said everything Luke just told me. And it said it was from Louis. A tear rolled down my face. I ran away from him. I ran all the way home and up to my room. I fell on my bed and began to cry.

       House later my best Friend called me and i was still crying.

     "Hey Jes... are you ok?" Bo asked as i whiped a tear of my face. I sighed and told her my day.

     "Oh my gosh are you hurt!"

     "Well my hearts broken and I never ever get to talk to him again. Oh and i have bruses all over my body. No I'm fine why would you ask?"

      "Sarcasm noted. I have to go Jessy. Bye"

      "By Bo." I said hanging up the phone. It was now 9:47 time to get ready for more hurt tomarrow.

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