What I thought was right

"I thought it was right to love a man that was more liked at school and thought that when we broke up everything would go back to what it was." Jessy thought she could survive the heart break of the most popular boy louis tomlinson at school. It went from friends, best friends into a relationship. can Jessy win back the heart of a guys she fell hard for??


1. After the War

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. 3 days earlier i lost a friend, best friend and an awesome boy friend he was making my life bad telling people that i let him do things for me or i did things for him. To make it worse his friends were bullying me, John and luke. I got dressed in some shorts and a nice shirt. I put everything in my bag and walked out the door my mother was asleep. My mom and dad got a devorcie a couple of months ago when i was best friends with Louis." Mom im leaving now, love you!" i screamed in to the house.My name is Jessy and i was just a green eyed,brown curly hair, tall, normal girl. i got on my bike and road to school read for the worse. Then i got hit with a memorie of me and louis.

 *FLASHBACK*(when we were going out)

      "Louis what are you doing?!" I screamed as he picked me up around the waist we were at the beach.

"Not intell you say it Jes!!!" Louis said spinning me.

"I LOVE YOU LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!!! ok now put me down!!" Louis trew me in the water and ran away. "Lou your a dead man!" I screamed standing in the water.

"Yeah a dead man you love!" louis said running over to me as i was drying off "hey im sorry for doing that babe." louis said as he wrapped his arms around me. He leaned in to give me a kiss and i gave him one as we were kissing louis pulled my swim suit top off.

"LOUIS!!!!!" i screamed covering my chest as louis ran away i put my over shirt on and threw louis cloths in the water. Louis walked up to me and said sorry handing me my top back i took it and sorry to him making him look puzzled, then he saw his cloth floating in the water. Louis picked up his cloths and let them dry as we got some ice cream.

'Louis why do you likw me?" i asked louis as we walked back to our stuff.

"Because your diffrent and i like diffrent."

"But im not popular and you are..."

"nobody said i had to date popular people. Just people i like and think is pretty." Louis said kissing me.


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