I Can't Love You

Lizzy is an eighteen year old girl that ran away from home because her Mom always got drunk and slapped her. She fell in love with Niall Horan and moved in with him, until he started abusing her.


3. Harry's Secret

(Sorry I've been busy lately)
I've been staying at Harry's for a while now and we are really close. He told me a lot about himself and I even got to know a few secrets of his. But there is this one he just won't tell me. It's really odd because every time I ask what it is, he changes the subject. I'll get it out of him soon though.

Harry's POV
UGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Lizzy won't stop bugging me about me secret. I want to tell her but I don't want things to be awkward between us. But she's so pretty and funny, I can't help it. She's told me a lot about her and her friends. She's actually the closest thing I've had to a girlfriend in a long time.

(I am soooo sorry this is the shortest chapter ever!!!!! I'll update again soon)
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