I Can't Love You

Lizzy is an eighteen year old girl that ran away from home because her Mom always got drunk and slapped her. She fell in love with Niall Horan and moved in with him, until he started abusing her.


1. You Don't Love Me

"Stop, it hurts!"
"Why should I?" He asked smirking.
"It hurts, Niall please!" I screamed. He was squeezing my wrists where I had cut them yesterday.
"Why did you cut yourself Lizzy, I thought you said you would never do that!" He screamed in my face.
"Because of you! It's your fault, Niall! You abused me so much! I can't take it anymore!" I screamed back, by then he was crying and had let go of my wrist.
"I-I didn't know you felt that way. I only hit you because you do everything wrong! It was Harry and Zayn's idea anyway!"
"I thought you loved me Niall! Why would you do that to me!?"
"Because they said I would be kicked out of the band if I didn't. I am so sorry Lizzy."
"Don't waste your breath Niall. You don't love me anymore! Your not sorry."
He is so stupid, I'm never going to forgive him.

(Sorry if its short. Should it be longer? Ok well do whatever you guys do like comment or something. M-Kay bye bye now!
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