One direction fights

One direction fights, is about you and one of the 1d members having a fight. So will be sad so will be happy but some with break your heart.


3. zayn fight <sad

Zayn: "Too Much"

(You know the drill with the Y/N but Y/S/N means you exclaiming the name your sister has or you wish a sister had, like "LILY?" or such)
You were waiting for Zayn to come home from the bar. He'd gone with the lads to get a few drinks. He'd been gone longer than expected. You roam the empty home, looking for something to keep you occupied. You sigh and check the clock again, and begin to worry. Was he attacked by fans again? You hear something's footsteps pound sloppily against the pavement, and the door swings open. Great, he's drunk. Not too badly, though, because when he is, he immediately makes a move to make out with you. He just smiles dizzily.
"Hello, love!" He says, the words slightly slurred. You smile a bit, a weak smile. You hate it when he comes home like this. You grins and tugs at your hair. "What have you been doing to your hair?" He slurs. You take the strand away. He looks at your outfit. He bought it for you, and you love it. "And what's with the get-up? It looks... hideous." He says. Your face begins to flare red. "Zayn! Stop!" You yell, slapping his hand. What was up with him? You blink back solitary tears, and glare at his crossed eyes.
"What's wrong... with your... face...?" He says sleepily. Okay, he's a lot more intoxicated than you thought, he'd just been hiding it. He was good at hiding things. You give him a look. "What is wrong with your hair?" You snap, and jump up to ruffle it, before running off. I dashed out the front door, leaving Zayn dazed near the front door. You ran to your sister's flat across town. When you reached it, you were sweaty and tired, and you used the spare key to open the door. "Y/S/N?" You yell. She calls from the kitchen. "In here!" Your sister calls. She's smiling as you walk in, and then she sees you're in tears. "Oh, Y/n, what's the matter?" She asks softly, hurrying to hug you. She's been your big sister and guardian since you can remember. You sniffle.
"Z-Zayn is drunk, he was teasing me so r-rudely tonight, its just TOO MUCH!" You wail into her arms, hoping not to wake your nephews and nieces. Your sister pats your back and makes soothing "Shh" noises. Like your mother used to. You sniffle again and look into her eyes. "Y/s/n, can I stay here a while?" You ask. She nods and shows you to the guest room. You thank her once again and climb in to the comfy bed.
*Three Day Later*
You return to the house to pick up your stuff a few days later. You're hesitant as you step inside, and hurry to your room. Zayn is waiting, his eyes sad. "Hello, Y/n." He says softly. You clench your teeth together behind your lips. You have to say something. "Hi, Zayn. I've just come by to get my things, I'll be off in no time." You say strongly, putting your belongings in a bag. You hear him sigh. "Why are you doing this to me?" He says, like this is your fault.
"Why am I doing this to YOU? HOW DO YOU THINK IT FEELS TO WORRY ABOUT YOU THREE OF SEVEN DAYS OF THE WEEK ONLY FOR YOU TO COME HOME WASTED AND MAKE FUN OF MY FACE AND CLOTHING, WHICH FYI, YOU. BOUGHT!" You scream. You're sick and tired of this crap. You throw the rest of your things in your bag and clench your hands in to fists and stomp out moodily. Before Zayn can catch up, you're out the door. The last thing you hear is "WAIT!" As you leave, thinking about flats for sale in another town, far away from here.


sad i know i will make part 2 if you want thanks

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