One direction fights

One direction fights, is about you and one of the 1d members having a fight. So will be sad so will be happy but some with break your heart.


4. zayn fight part 2


I havent seen zayn in three months, i still love him so much and wish i could run right into his arms but i dont have the conforance to do that. i have been living with my friend Sam for the months, i lay in bed all day thinking about that day were me and zayn broke up. Sam makes breakfast and tells me to go and find him and make up , but i cant do its too hard to bare. what if he has moved on forgot me and got married and is going to be a father? god i am being so silly but it could happen you never know. I say thanks to Sam wash up my plate and go up into the guest to get ready because today sam and I are going to the park  for a concert and i dont know whose going to be peform which worrys me, its the first time i have been farer than the letterbox since i got here 3 months ago.

Zayns POV

i walk slowly and sadly into my kitchen to see bacon and eggs which reminds me of the breakfast before the fight we Y/N, I wish her so much and today i am going to a say sorry for my mistakes i made. Over the last few months harry has stay with me so then i go to work not in lay in bed all day and think about my beautiful love Y/N, i go and sit down and harry who is siting on the other side of the table says were going to the park today for a singing festeivel. once i finsh my breakfast i go upstairs and get dress and spend 1 hour on my hair before i hear harry say its time to go, i hop downstairs and go with harry to meet up with the rest of the band at the park for the singing thingy.


*1 hour later

we have sang 3 songs and are up the last which is in fact Over Again which is a new song that i wrote about my break up with y/n, i was looking out in the crowd when i saw her, her face and eyes my and hers meet and smiled. just then the music for the song came on. Everytime I was singing i looked into her beautiful eyes and sang for the botton of my heart. At the end of the song i jumped of the stage and ran thorgh the screaming directioners, then we were face to face and smiling and we hugged and hugged for a long time and then we pulled apart and i said " y/n i am so sorry i did what i did that day and if i could i would take it all back, i love you so much to the moon and back' then she said this ' i love you too and i missed you so much i nearly died without you' and then we went in for a kiss a long passionate kiss the best there is the directioners ahh us.

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Casey xoxo

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