One direction fights

One direction fights, is about you and one of the 1d members having a fight. So will be sad so will be happy but some with break your heart.


7. Niall ;)

Niall 'furbie' Horan

You got Niall Horan.
This is your story ‘bout your fight with your boyfriend.
Just so you know this > [Y/N] means your name.

“Passengers of flight B598 to Los Angeles, can board now” the intercom said. “That’s my plane” I thought. Since Niall is on tour, I’ve been alone in the house. So he decided to buy me a ticket to Los Angeles so we could see each other again and I could tour with them for a few days. “Passport” a guy from the customs said and I gave him my passport. “You can go” he said and I walked through the customs. “LA, here I come” I thought smiling.

~In LA~
“there’s my bag” I thought and took my bag from the luggage belt. I checked my phone, maybe I had some calls or text messages, but I got none. “I’m so happy to see Niall again” I thought excited and walked to the exit. “Where is he?” I asked myself and I looked around, but I didn’t see Niall. “I hope he didn’t forget it” I thought “maybe he just couldn’t find me” I sat down on a bench.

~3 hours later~
“he forgot it, how could he” I growled, obvious very angry at him and walked to the exit of the airport. “Oh no, I don’t have any address” I thought and took my phone, but when I wanted to call Niall my phone died and didn’t respond anymore. “Serious?! when I need it, it doesn’t respond” I thought, wanting to throw my stupid phone away. “Where should I go?” I thought helplessly and decided to walk to the left.

~A day later~
I woke up, someone touched my head. “Hello” he said and I saw a wanderer. “What do you want from me” I asked a little bit scared. “It’s my place, go away” he said grumpy. “oh sorry” I murmured and took my suitcase and walked away. “Did I sleep the whole night outside” I asked myself. “Yes I did”. “I couldn’t pay a hotel room because some guy stole my money when I was sleeping, So I had to sleep the whole night outside and I’m looking terrible now” I mumbled, tearing up and I wasn’t looking where I was going until bumped into someone and fell to the ground. “Sorry” I said and I stood up. “I wasn’t paying attention” the guy said. “wait, Y/N?” he said indignantly. “Niall” I frowned. “Why are you here and why do you look horrible” he asked. “Because you didn’t show up at the airport, a guy stole my money, so I had to sleep in the street the whole night! That’s why I’m here, because of you!” I yelled in his face angrily and I walked away. “I’m sorry Y/N” Niall yelled, running after me. “Sorry doesn’t make everything all right” I spat. “C’mon Y/N, I’m really sorry” he pouted. “I had a terrible day yesterday and...” Niall said but I cut him off. “Even if you had a terrible day, you could’ve picked me up, or even just asked one of the boys” I yelled again. “Sorry, I forget that you were coming” Niall mumbled, facing the ground. “How could you?!” I yelled. “I don’t know” Niall suddenly yelled back. “The last week was really terrible, I had to remember lots of things, management got mad at me and now you’re also yelling at me” Niall yelled whilst the tears started to form in his eyes. “The weeks you were gone were also terrible for me and by the way, you don’t have to yell at me” I screamed back. “Fine, we’re over” Niall scoffed. “Fine” I yelled back, began to cry and walked away. “Sorry Y/N, wait I didn’t mean it” Niall yelled after me. “like I said, sorry doesn’t make everything alright” I spat, crying.
“Wait I can go to my auntie Many, she lives here. Why didn’t I think about that before” I mentally face palmed myself decided to walk to my aunt Mandy as I had no money to go by bus.

~At aunt Mandy’s house~
“hello sweetheart” she said, opening the door. “Can I stay here for a few days” I asked, sobbing. “oh honey what happened? Of course you can stay, but maybe you should take a shower and go get some rest before you tell me” she smiled softly and showed me the spare bedroom. “Thanks” I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Before I took a shower and went to my bed and putted my phone in the charger.

~Around 3 pm~ I woke up, I felt much better than this morning. But then I remembered the Niall’s words from yesterday, and again I felt very bad. “Sweetie, here’s some lunch” my aunt said sweetly, walking into my room with a plate in her hands. “But I’m not very hungry” I answered and at that moment my stomach began to rumble. “You have to eat” she said laughing and gave me the food.

~The next day at the airport~
I decided to return back home because Niall and I broke up. I walked to the counter. As I was about to put my suitcases on the band, someone yelled my name. “Y/N, wait” someone screamed and as I turned around I noticed it was Niall, his hair was a mess and his eyes were red and puffy. “Wait!” he begged and he ran to me. “Please let me explain” Niall said breathless. “fine” I answered, crossing my arms. “I’m really, really sorry about forgetting that you came, sorry….” Niall said but some guy behind me cut him off. “Please hurry up, I have to get my plane” he said frankly annoyed. “Hey, shut up, if you say one other word you can leave the queue” the woman behind the desk said. “Please go along” the woman said smiling at us. “I’m so sorry Y/N, please forgive me” Niall begged almost starting to cry. “Ok, I forgive you” I said and Niall swung me around and kissed me on the lips. “Aww” all the people said. “now let’s go back to my hotel, the boys missed you too and I really need to tell them that you took me back.” Niall smiled happier than ever.
  hey guys thanks for comenting and favouriting it means alot you aweasome! if you want someone just coment there name and a bit about what you want the story to be bout like ; i want Liam, can there be a sad ending and death. Stuff like that thanks guys
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