One direction fights

One direction fights, is about you and one of the 1d members having a fight. So will be sad so will be happy but some with break your heart.


5. Louis

Louis 'sexy' Tomlinson
You got Louis Tomlinson.
This is your story ‘bout your fight with your boyfriend.
Just so you know this > [Y/N] means your name.

I had a terrible day at my work. Troublesome customers, bitchy bosses, overstressed colleges and so on. “I hate those days” I thought. “ugh, I forgot that I had to go to the market!” I thought and had to walk to the market, because surprise surprise my car had broken down.
~At home~
I unlocked  the door. “hey Lou, I’m ho…” I tried to be cheerful but before I could end my sense I was completely wet. “ugh” I murmured, looking at my wet clothes from the water balloon Louis just threw at me. Louis laughed loudly. “Louis, I’m completely wet” I said angry. “ha I did it again, you’re pranked” Louis laughed again. “Louis, it’s not funny” I said annoyed, trying to dry my hair with my hands. “C’mon It is funny Y/N” Louis frowned but he was still chuckling. “No it’s obviously not, you always prank me, and you know I hate that” I said angry. “c’mon Y/N don’t go screw the moment again” Louis groaned. “No, I hate it! you’re always acting so immature. You really need to grow up” I yelled at him angrily. “and you need to have more fun” Louis suddenly yelled back. “you are the one who’s always acting like a five years old kid, oh wait they’re more mature than you!” I yelled but realized afterwards that it was kinda harsh. “I hate it when you always say I’m childish and need to grow up, you never have some fun and always get mad at me” Louis yelled back, obviously not liking my comment. “I hate you” I almost whispered, feeling bad and hurt now. “And I hate you too, we’re over, I never want to see you again” Louis said harshly. “fine, we are over, let’s see if I care” I spat and walked out our apartment. But as soon as the door slammed close behind me, I started crying. “Great, I just screwed my whole life up” I thought, crying harder before leaving. “I should call Liam, he’s my friend and at least he’s mature” I decided and grabbed my phone from my clutch before calling Liam.
“Hey Y/N, what’s up” Liam asked cheerfully like always.
“I just had a fight with Lou” I sniffed, what Liam noticed of course.
“oh are you alright? You know what I’ll pick you up and you can explain me when we’re at my place” Liam said and I could

already hear him leaving the house.
“Thanks Li” I said before hanging up.
I waited for Liam and of course it started to rain and not just a little. “oh great, my day can’t be any worse!” I yelled at the sky.
5 minutes later Liam pulled over and gave me a quick hug before opening the passenger-door and putted a blanket around me he took with him after seeing that it was raining. I just cried, I couldn’t say a word right now, I felt too bad for it and Liam understand it like he always did.
~At Liam’s house~
“Here’s some tea so you don’t get a cold” Liam handed me a cup of tea after I took a shower and he gave me some of Danielle’s clothes she left at his house. “thanks” I mumbled and took a small sip from the tea which made me feel way better already. Liam sat down in front of me with his fists on the table.
“Do you wanna tell me what happened?” Liam asked sweetly after I finished my tea.
I nodded, “I just had a terrible day at work today and when I came home Louis attacked me with a stupid water balloon” I answered, holding back my tears. “He had pranked me the whole week already and it just started to annoy me so much, it’s like he’s never mature enough when I need it” I looked down. Liam softly rubbed my hand with his thumb. “hmm I get it, but that’s just Lou. He is a bit childish, you can’t blame him for being himself” Liam told me as nice as possible. Maybe he was right, maybe I overreacted but yeah I just had a bad day.
Suddenly the front door slammed open and somebody burst inside.
“Liam, where are you?! I know she’s here!” Louis yelled.
“quick Y/N, hide in the cupboard there” Liam quickly got up and I hided in there, trying to be as quiet as I could.
“Goddamn it Liam where are you?!” Louis yelled angry, making me scared. “Easy Lou, I’m coming” Liam groaned and walked towards the front door where Louis was. “what took you so long?” Louis asked pissed. “I was making some food for myself” Liam lied. “and where is it?” “Well I obviously had no time to finish it ‘cause you needed me that badly” Liam said and I could tell that he rolled his eyes.
“forget that, where. Is. She?!” Louis growled. “first of all, let my t-shirt go! And second I don’t know who you’re talking ‘bout” Liam growled back. “Y/N, of course it’s Y/N. she’s the only girl I care for” Louis spat. “well you must be the one who did something stupid, it’s not MY fault that you had to do something stupid” Liam answered and Louis suddenly broke down, crying. “I-I know, I screwed it up okay! I-I didn’t mean to hurt her, I thought that Y/N wouldn’t mind a joke, but now I lost her. My everything, what am I supposed to do without her?” Louis cried and I could only hear his sobs after, Liam apparently didn’t know what to say which was weird for him as he always knew what to say.  I slowly opened the doors from the cupboard and got up. I walked on my tiptoes towards the hallway, trying to see what was going on without being seen. I peeked my head around the corner and saw Louis just lying on the ground, crying while Liam tried to comfort him. “Louis” I whispered, feeling bad. His head immediately popped up. I quickly hid behind the wall again. “w-what was that?” Louis asked, getting up. “what do you mean?” Liam asked, playing dumb.
Suddenly Louis was standing in front of me. “Y/N… did you hear everything I said?” Louis nearly whispered. I just shook my head not knowing what to say. “Well I meant every word, you are my world, my everything. And I swear that I’ll never ever make a joke again or prank you or be immature or-” Louis rattled but I cut him off with a peck on his lips. “Louis  it’s okay, I overreacted and it’s okay if you prank me sometimes or make jokes. I like it, don’t get me wrong, I just had a bad day at work and wasn’t in the mood” I smiled. “thank you so so much! I love you” Louis grinned happily before pulling me in for a hug and a long kiss. “I love you too” I whispered back.

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