One direction fights

One direction fights, is about you and one of the 1d members having a fight. So will be sad so will be happy but some with break your heart.


2. Liam Payne

Liam Payne
You sit beside Liam, chewing your bottom lip. His back turned to you, staring ahead. He hasn't talked to you the entire day. You feel close to tears and just sit there, staring at him.
Earlier that day you met his ex-girlfriend Danielle. She was so sweet, you really liked her. The only problem, how close her and Liam were sitting bothered you. You had walked away crying. When Liam asked you whats wrong but you denied. After an hour of begging you to tell him, you told him. He looked at you angrily,defending Danielle. He hasn't talked to you since.
You hated being ignored and you hated when Liam grew quiet. He didn't even glance your way. He simply got up and walked down the hall. "Liam?" you whimper, following. "I'm sorry. I didn'tmean to. I just got a bit worried, I wasn't offending Danielle I would never do that!" your sobbing now and he turns to look at you. You stand there trembeling, trying not to cry, but failing.
He shakes his head, glaringat you. "I know I'm stupid. I'm so sorry. Please don'tbe angry with me," you plead. He walks up to you and gently hugs you, "I'm sorry (y/n). I'm not mad at you. I was mad at myself. I'm so used to her being my girlfriend. I swear I don't care for her in that way anymore," his beautiful brown eyes look at you. "I love you, I'm sorry." he takes your hand and gently places his had on your cheek.
"Its ok.." you whisper and he he smiles, "Are you sure?" you nod.
"I love you too..." you say and he leans down to give you the most passionate kiss,he's ever given you. He picks you up bride style and carries you to the living room. He stets you down and puts a slow song on. He walks back over to you and starts slow dancing with you. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him.
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