One direction fights

One direction fights, is about you and one of the 1d members having a fight. So will be sad so will be happy but some with break your heart.


1. Harry fight



You were sitting at home on the sofa watching the telly with Liam and Danielle. You two were waiting up for Harry to come home. He was supposed to be home 1 hour ago.
He was out with the boys to celebrate the Up All Night tour. When they came back to London they decided to go out drinking because they missed it. Liam didn’t go because he didn’t
feel like drinking so Danielle and him decided to keep you company. Liam was getting aggravated. “Why aren’t they back yet?! They should have been here an hour ago!: You sunk into
the sofa and rolled your eyes. This was so typical of Harry, he always came home late and it never bothered you, but today it did. Liam got up and dialed Harry’s number.
“I’ll be right back.” Liam stepped into the kitchen to call him. You looked at Danielle with worried eyes. “What if something happened to him?” Danielle brought you in closer to you
and hugged you. “Oh y/n, don’t think like that!” Liam walked back into the living room with a shocked expression on his face. “What’s wrong?” He sat down. “Well, I called Paul to ask
where the boys were and he said they left the place 1 hour ago..Harry should have been here by now..” You sat up and ran your hands through you hair. “What?!” Danielle got up and
walked over to the door. “Maybe we should go look…” You three ran out. You got into your car and Danielle and Liam got into theirs. Liam rolled down the window. “We will go look at
the boys’ flats.” You nodded and pulled out. You were going to go to the bar where the boys were suppose to be, just to be sure Harry wasn’t there. When you got there you jumped
out of the car and ran in. the place was packed. You looked around for Harry all over. You walked over to the booths and sat down and ran your hands thought your hair.
You were about to give up when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You looked up and saw a girl about 18 standing there. “Hey, you’re Harry Styles girlfriend right?” You stood up.
“Yeah…” She pointed to the left. “Isn’t that him over there?” You looked in the girls direction and saw Harry in the corner. Your jaw dropped. Harry was getting pretty feisty with
some short blond girl. He had her legs around his waist and she was pressed against the wall. You felt like crying right there. The girl looked at you with pitiful eyes. “I’m sorry.”
And with that, she was gone. You felt like beating the crap out of him. You calmly walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and his eyes went wide.
“You know something? They make things called beds to do this in you know? You might want to try and use one.” Harry put the girl down and you ran out of the bar. You collapsed
on the concrete crying. You heard the bar doors open and close. You felt someone next you and put your hand on your back. “Baby girl, I’m sorry..I don’t know –“
You got up and moved away from Harry. You didn’t want anything to do with him. Harry got up and ran over to you and grabbed your waist.
“P-please, don’t leave me…I have no idea what I am going to do without you…” You turned around and saw a broken Harry. He had red eyes and tears coming down his face.
“Harry, I- I” You couldn’t even finish, Harry had his lips pressed to yours. You wanted to pull away from him but you didn’t have the strength to do so. He ended up pulling away.
He bit his lip and put his hands in his pockets.”I’m sorry.” You smiled faintly and zipped up your jumper. “We’ll talk about this later.” You turned around and left Harry there,
full of regret.
You left Harry on the street outside the bar. It wasn’t right to kiss him, he just cheated on you and you were already about to crawl back to him No, that wasn’t right.
You ran into your flat and ran upstairs to get a overnight bag. You were going to go to your mums house for the night. You had to be away from him. You were almost done when the
bedroom door flung open and Harry was standing there soaked and puffy eyed. You stopped and turned to him. “Why are you wet?” Harry looked down. “it’s raining.” You nodded and
returned to what you were doing. “What are you doing?” Harry walked over to you. “I’m going to my mums for a while Harry, I think it’s best if we apart for a while. Harry grabbed
your bag and flung it across the room. “What the hell Harry?!” You ran over to pick it up but Harry grabbed your hand. “Don’t go..please.” You turned around and saw Harry there
crying. You rolled your eyes. “Sorry Harry, I have to, it’s better for both of us if I do.” Harry went wide eyed and let go of your hand. “How is that better for the both of us?!”
You picked up your bag and slung it over your shoulder. “It just is.” You walked out of the room and you could hear Harry running after you. “Baby girl! Don’t go!” You ran out of the
flat and ran to your car. When you got in Harry was already in the passenger seat. “God! How did you get in here?” Harry smirked. “It was unlocked.” You rolled your eyes and got in
the driver’s seat. “Harry, please –“ before you could say anything else Harry had his lips locked on yours and he locked the doors. You backed away. “Why did you lock the doors?”
Harry laughed. “Because there is not ‘Do Not Disturb’ for a car..” Harry smiled at you with that little cheeky grin. “Harry…I-uh.” Harry kissed you again.
“Please tell me you’ll take me back even though I am a stupid idiot that doesn’t deserve someone like you.” You blushed and turned to him “I don’t know Harry…” Harry face-palmed.
“Oh come on! I will do anything!” You smiled. “Anything?” Harry bit his lip. “Yeah..” You smiled a evil grin. “Fine, if you are truly sorry, you will say at the top of lungs ‘I love y/n’
in the supermarket.” Harry mouth hung open. “You’re joking.” You shook your head. Harry rolled his eyes. “Fine.” You smiled and drove to the market. You ran out and Harry slumped
out of his seat and got out. You dragged him in and took him to the middle of the store. “Now.” Harry smiled. “I LOVE Y/N MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!”
People looked at you and Harry strangely. You two ran out and got in the car. “Good enough?” You raised your eye brows. “Eh, you could have been louder.” Harry rolled his eyes.
You kissed him. “Just playing with you Styles.” He looked at you with a stern face. “Not even funny Y/N.” You laughed and drove back to the flat.
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