The Gift

Alex isnt your ordinary teenager, she has a very special gift ( to talk to the dead) sadley people bully her for it. also who she thought was one of her bffs ( guy who HAD some feelings for her) dicides to leave her because he wants to stay high up in popularity. but when she goes to a One Direction concet and bumps into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson, can he cheer her up and convice her that her gift is very special and she can and will be loved?????......


3. Meeting Him

Alexs POV:

"Screw them" i thought to myself. As i was walikng home my mum called me..


Okay so my mum said that she got me One Direction tickets, i dont belive her but whatever. i go to my moms house to see her smiling and handing me a envelope. "I hope you LOVE it." my mum said, now yeah im 19 but i flippin love One Direction. I open it to reavile to me a One Direction ticket. "HOLY SHIT MOM THANK YOU SOO FREAKIN MUCH!!!" I looked over to her very happy, i go up to her and gave her the biggest hug i probably ever gave her.


I was in my flat thinking to myself "How on Earth did she get this?" So tomarrow was the concert

 and i told pretty much all my REAL friends. *SKIP TO NEXT DAY, srry but i just want it to get interesting already*

It was morning and it was a Saturday, "THANK THE LORD" i thought to myself, finnaly a day without bulling. I made breakfeast for myself then took a shower afterwards i just sit on the couch waitng for the right time.

After hours of waiting the time had come it was oficialy six o'clock, and i wold be heading to the concert. Okay so i get to the concert and im one of the first ones in, i get to my front row seat and just wait..... Not even twenty minutes later the place is packed!!! and i mean packed. So the boys arrive on stage singing Kiss You, Little Things, LWWY you know songs from the Take Me Home album. Something was strange though i had the feeling that Louis was watching me, "Ha no, he cant be i mean hes prefoming hes looking into the crowd, dur."

Louis POV:

While I was preforming I noticed something thatn stood out of the crowd to me, a girl. She was utterly beautiful long brown wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes what more can a guy want. Ha well it turned out i was staring at her the whole time we were preforming, I hope she didnt notice.

So after the concert i decide to go outside "You know for a breather, I guess." I thought to myself im not going to let her slip away from me that easely.

Alexs POV:

It was the end of the concert and i go out side and ran west to ditch the HUGE crowd. I walked to a lake that was close by, and i just stood there.

Louis POV:

I see a girl walk away from the crowd a go to a neer by lake. I decide to follow her, before i got any closer i saw just stand there, like she was free. WHen i looked closer I realised it was the girl in the crowd. Running up to her i trip and fall.

Alexs POV:

"BANG!" it sounds like someone fell, i look over to see the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I rushed twoards him to make sure he was ok.

"O my god, are you okay?!?!?!"

"Hehe Yeah im fine" He replided, thats when i realised that he was staring deep into my eyes. Fuck thoughs eyes are gorgeous.

Louis POV:

I was staring into her eyes and then she blushed, she helps me up, yes she helps me up. Finnaly I got the girl I want.

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