The Gift

Alex isnt your ordinary teenager, she has a very special gift ( to talk to the dead) sadley people bully her for it. also who she thought was one of her bffs ( guy who HAD some feelings for her) dicides to leave her because he wants to stay high up in popularity. but when she goes to a One Direction concet and bumps into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson, can he cheer her up and convice her that her gift is very special and she can and will be loved?????......


2. Helena and Jon<333

Alex POV:

Ugh, another day of terrible school. well you know i got my normal routine. Go to school, go to class, after class get bullied then go home. When i was being pushed around by my old friend Helena i finnaly decided to stand up for myself...."LOOK JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS DIFFERENT DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO GO PUSHING THEM AROUND!!!!" I could tell that Helena and her friends were stunned at what i just said. "O-Okay we'll go, god calm down, slut." said dramatic Helena. I actually cant belive that i was friends with her, besides i was nothing like a slut if anythong she was. I got home to recive a text from one of my ACTUAL friends


"OMG dnt u think tht Helena and Jon make a perfect couple"


"Um wat, r they like going out or something?"


"Uh duh, u didnt no?"


"Um No!, how long?"


"Like a month now..."

Well that explains it,  i was friends with both when they were going out and they never even botherd to tell me!?!?!?


"Well i never new, o well"

Ugh what now is going to happen in my life, i just found out that  two old close friends are going out and they didnt even tell me!!!! You know what thats okay ill just act like i never found out or anything.


srry for the really short chapters its just tht im going through this thing with my friend..:)



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