Stole My Heart

Leah's dreams were coming true. She's made it onto the X-Factor, and she was going places. The last thing she imagined would happen was that Niall Horan from One Direction would ask her out. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down as love, heartbreak, ex-boyfriends, distance, and complications stress their relationship to the max. Can they overcome everything?



13. Relief

There was a faint beeping in the distance, almost as if it was steadily drawing nearer. Slowly, but surely, it got louder and louder until it was persistent. I started to become more aware of my surroundings. I was laying in a bed that was propped up into a slight sitting position. My arm was attached to something foreign, and there was a blanket covering me to my waist. I could hear someone talking on the phone and when I blinked my eyes open, I saw Niall standing in the corner watching me.

“Hey mom, I gotta go, she woke up. I’ll call you later.” He hung up the phone and walked over to the side of the bed, perching there and taking my hand. He had a purple bruise on his left cheekbone and a white bandage above his right eye. “How do you feel, love?” He squeezed my hand lightly.

I smiled at him and looked around the room. I was in a hospital, attached to a cardiac monitor and an IV pumping fluid into me. I reached to remove the needle from my arm when Niall grabbed my wrist stopping me. He shook his head at me and pulled away, taking my hand with him. “What happened..?” I asked him, confused.

He shook his head and sighed. “I suppose you don’t remember. A drunk driver pulled out in front of us as we were heading back from your parents. You bumped your head and didn’t wake up, so they brought you here. You’ve been out for a few hours.” He whispered, looking solemnly into my eyes. Suddenly, I remembered. I remembered him slamming on the breaks, the screeching tires, the crashing metal. Then my memory went blank.

I gaped at him. “How did we get out of that? Did they take the guy in?” I reached out and lightly brushed my fingers across his cheek and he flinched a bit. “Are you okay?”

He chuckled, rubbing circles on the back of my hand with his thumb. “Just waking up and she’s all worried about me. I’m fine, just a cut and a few bruises, nothing I can’t handle. The police told me if I hadn’t hit the brakes when I did, we’d be so much worse…and they took him into custody the second they got there. He was incredibly drunk.” He shook his head, sighing. “I’m so glad you’re okay..” He whispered, interlocking our fingers and kissing my hand.

“Do you know when I can go home?”

He shrugged and released my hand, standing and walking around the room a bit. “Ask the nurse when she gets in here. She should be coming in soon.” He said, pacing.

Just as he spoke, an older woman with light blue scrubs and blonde hair speckled with grey blew into the room, smiling brightly.”Oh, good! You’re awake! Let me just check your info here..” She walked over to the cardiac machine, hitting buttons and checking my heart rate, making sure it had been steady and consistent. “So, how are you feeling, deary?” She asked me, switching the bag on the IV hook.

“I’m feeling okay.” I said, watching her intently. “When can I go home..?”

She finished checking the machine and turned to me, pursing her lips in thought. “Well, all things considered, I’d say you can go now, but I think you should stay overnight, just in case.”

I nodded and looked to Niall, and back to the nurse. “And what about travel? Would I be okay to travel?” I peeked back at Niall again, who was gaping at me.

The nurse again gave the thought consideration, then cringed a bit. “I wouldn’t advise it, but you can once you leave, just don’t over exert yourself in the process. Take it easy.” I nodded and thanked her as she left the room.

Niall walked over to me, completely aghast. “You want to travel? So soon? I mean…my mom knows about the accident, she won’t hate it if we go up another time and..”

I quickly shushed him, cutting him off. He gave me a surprised look. “I want to go. I want to meet your family, and if I’m okay to travel, I’m going. Feel free to join me.”

He sighed and sat down lightly on the side of the bed again, taking my hand in his. “I was just so afraid I was going to lose you…I don’t ever want to go through that again..” His voice cracked as he looked at me, his big blue eyes filled with unshed tears. I sat up quickly and grabbed him, pulling him to me. He buried his face in my chest, wrapping his arms around me and holding on tight. I cradled him to me, feeling his warmth and comfort. Eventually, he took in a shaky breath and pulled away, staring into my eyes. He leaned in slowly, kissing me softly. So softly, he barely touched me, but it was enough to make my heart race, which thanks to the cardiac monitor, he noticed. He chuckled against my lips, kissing me again, a bit harder this time. He pulled away once more and pressed his forehead to mine. “I love you.” He whispered, kissing my nose.

I tried to wrap my arms around his neck, but the IV in my arm quickly stopped me and I grumbled in protest. Niall laughed at me, climbing off the bed and pulling the lounge chair over next to my hospital bed. “Get some sleep, babe. When you wake up, we can go home.” He kissed my forehead before he settled into the chair next to me. I laid back onto the bed and took his hand in mine. he squeezed it softly, humming sweetly as I drifted of to sleep.


Niall’s POV:

I sat there for so long, just watching her sleep peacefully. Her chest rose and fell softly, barely noticeable. Her deep breathing was all you could hear in the room, except for the beeping of the cardiac monitor. Both sounds filled the empty space in the room. I found myself thinking about how lucky I was to have her and that she was still here. The thought of her being gone scared me, and my eyes quickly filled to the brim with tears. I hastily rubbed my eyes, dismissing the tears. I was not going to cry again. She was here. Alive. With me.

I found myself thinking about the trip to Ireland. How would she react when I told her? Would she be happy, upset? Who knew. Now, we both needed some sleep. Our flight was the next evening, so we had to be out of the hospital the next morning to be able to pack and go on time. I laid my head on the arm of the chair, my hand still intertwined with hers,and I quickly slipped into a deep sleep.

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