Stole My Heart

Leah's dreams were coming true. She's made it onto the X-Factor, and she was going places. The last thing she imagined would happen was that Niall Horan from One Direction would ask her out. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down as love, heartbreak, ex-boyfriends, distance, and complications stress their relationship to the max. Can they overcome everything?



4. New Friends

Leah’s POV:

I decided to ignore James’ text. He was miles away in another state, and he hadn’t spoken to me in months. Hadn’t even tried to get me back after the break up. And I was happy. My phone pinged again, with another text from Niall. I smiled into my coffee as I set it down to read it. He wanted me to join him and the rest of the boys for movies tonight at Liam’s. I had a rehearsal for the next round of X-Factor today, but my night was open. I told him sure and he said he’d pick me up around 6.


At around quarter of 6, I was throwing on a black blazer over a pink ruffle top and white skinny jeans and getting ready to walk out the door after tying up my converse. I figured I didn’t need to dress up for movies, but I was also getting to know the guys, so it’d be best to look decent. I started jogging down the stairs to grab my phone off the table, and I saw I had a text message. It was from James..

James: Leah, please don’t ignore me..

I quickly deleted it. Then the doorbell rang and I tucked my phone into my back pocket and walked over. I opened the door to a smiling Niall, who immediately pulled me in for a kiss. “Ready, babe?” he asked, leaving his arms around my waist.

I grinned up at him. “Of course! Just let me lock the door!” I quick locked the door and grabbed Niall’s hand as we walked to the car.

It was a short drive to Liam’s place, and on the way Niall told me that Zayn, Liam, and Louis were all having thier girlfriends over as well. “Which means poor Hazza is going to be all alone! He’s going to hate that.” Niall laughed as we climbed out of the car.

I got this idea. “You know, I have a friend back home that Harry would get along really well with..”

Niall looked at me and raised his eyebrows. “Already trying to play matchmaker, huh?” I’d say talk to him first, he’s an odd one, haha.”

Niall grabbed my hand as we got closer to the door, and didn’t bother knocking, he just walked in.

“LIIIAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled the instant he walked in the door, causing me to erupt in a fit of giggles and he looked at me smiling. “Thought that was funny, did you? LIAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” He called again, making me laugh even harder. Suddenly, and banana came flying from the open doorway, hitting Niall square in the chest. “What the..?! Louis!” Niall yelled, flying into the kitchen for revenge. I started laughing even more as I followed him and saw him and Louis throwing fruit at each other, and a girl standing in the corner shaking her head and laughing. She saw me and crossed the room, carefully avoiding the fruit war, to talk to me.

“Hello! I’m Eleanor, I assume you’re Leah? We heard about your audition. congratulations!” She said, giving me a hug.

We got into a casual conversation until a flying mop of curly hair flew into the room. “Oi, I want in on this!” Harry exclaimed as he pounced on Louis’ back, and Louis started flailing around with an orange in his hand. Niall started laughing and hit the floor, and Eleanor and I did the same. Then, Liam, Danielle, Zayn, and Perrie showed up, all laughing as Louis tried to get Harry off of his back with an orange. Harry finally jumped down and everyone started to calm down.

“So, shall we get this started? What do we want to watch first?” Liam asked everyone, throwing his arm over Danielle’s shoulders.

Niall stood up and walked over to me, sliding his arm around my waist. “I’m good with anything as long as we have food.” Everyone started laughing and Liam told us he already had a pizza on the way.

“So, what shall we watch first?”

Zayn looked at me. “Well, Leah’s the only one that’s never been here before. Let’s let her pick, eh?”

They led me into the movie room, which looked like an indoor theatre, with a TV screen covering the far wall and the entire floor was cushioned, instead of a couch. So you just had to grab a pillow or blanket and lay out on the floor, which was great. The wall to the left was a shelf fully stocked with movies ranging from chick flick, to super hero’s, to horror films. I inspected the horror movies and decided on Insidious, which I’d only seen parts of and it didn’t seem too awful.

“Oh god! I’m gonna freak out! This movie scares me!” Eleanor freaked out, and Louis laughed, wrapping his arm around her.

“You’ll be fine, love. Don’t worry.” He reassured her, and Zayn creeped up behind them both and pounced on the floor behind them, causing the cushions to bouce and both of them to go flying. Everyone started laughing, except for El, who looked like she was going to kill Zayn.

Liam threw the movie on and everyone flopped down on the floor. As the beginning credits started to roll I turned to Harry. Why not try and set him up? Harry and Anna would be perfect, and I could totally set this up.

“So, Harry. I have a friend that would be perfect for you. You interested?” I said bluntly. He laughed and looked at Niall.

“Might wanna rein in your girlfriend there, Nialler. She’s playing matchmaker.” He said, and winked at me. I got defensive.

“I’m serious! At least meet her. I can fly her out here, she wanted to support me anyway. What do you say?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. “Sure, why not. It can’t hurt anything, right?” A scream from Eleanor broke our conversation, making everyone jump and laugh as she shoved her head into Lou’s chest. This was going to be a very entertaining evening.

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