Stole My Heart

Leah's dreams were coming true. She's made it onto the X-Factor, and she was going places. The last thing she imagined would happen was that Niall Horan from One Direction would ask her out. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down as love, heartbreak, ex-boyfriends, distance, and complications stress their relationship to the max. Can they overcome everything?



2. First Date

Leah’s POV:

I had just climbed out of the shower when my phone started ringing. I catapulted over the bed and grabbed it off of the side table, pulling me wet hair to the side, away from my ear, and clutching my towel closer to my chest.

“Hello?” I asked, breathlessly. I pulled the towel up and sat down on the bed.

“Hey, Leah!” A deep Irish accent said, making me smile. “We still on for tonight?” Niall asked.

I laughed “Yeah, of course!” I said brightly. “I just have to get ready. What time?”

“I’ll pick you up at 7:00?” He asked happily. I looked at the clock. It was 5:30 now, so that gave me an hour and a half to get ready. I could manage.

“Sounds great! Hey, what are we doing, anyway?”

He started laughing. “Oh, that’s a secret. You’ll just have to wait and see.” He said mischievously as he disconnected. What was he up to?

I suddenly turned into a living tornado. WHAT DO YOU WEAR ON A DATE WITH NIALL HORAN?! I started flying around the room, throwing all sorts of clothes and shoes onto my bed that would be acceptable, trying to pick something. I finally decided on a black and white dress with quarter sleeves that fell to just above me knees, a cropped black sweater, and short black boots. I ran into the bathroom to brush and blow dry my hair, leaving it down so it fell to the middle of my back. Then I threw on some eyeliner and mascara.

After I finished getting ready, I looked at the clock and saw it was quarter of seven. Niall would be here in 15 minutes, and there were clothes EVERYWHERE. I quickly ran around, throwing things where they needed to be and about 10 minutes later I heard a car door shut. I ran to the window to see Niall walking towards the house. I quickly turned and bolted out the door and down the hall and ran down the stairs,only to trip on the second to last step and go flying, landing on all fours on the hard wood floor , cursing loudly. I rolled over to look at my hands and knees, which hurt like hell, but were only a little red from the fall. Then the doorbell rang. My heart sped up and my breath caught in my chest. I quickly jumped up and straightened my dress and hair before walking over and opening the door. Standing there, grinning, was Niall, wearing jeans, a button up blue shirt, and a black jacket. I could feel myself grinning as I just looked at him. He laughed and extended his arm towards me. “You ready?”

I nodded and walked out the door, pulling it shut behind me and sliding my arm through his. “So, where are we going?” I asked as I leaned into him and let him lead me to the car.

He laughed again, and grinned down at me. “You think you’re going to get it out of me that easily? Oh no, it’s a surprise.” He said and opened the passenger side door for me and helped me in, closing the door behind me. He crossed in front of the car and climbed in and started driving.

After a few minutes he turned the radio on and A Team by Ed Sheeran was playing. “AHH!” I screamed, leaping up and turning it up. Niall started laughing hysterically at my reaction and I slipped deep into my seat.

“No no no! That was cute!” He said, still laughing. My face started to get red again as I sat up and quietly sang along. I realized Niall was being really quiet and when I stopped singing he looked at me, shocked. “Why’d you stop? That was beautiful.” He said, smiling at me. I started smiling and we fell into a comfortably quiet car ride to Lord only knows where. We ended up pulling into a little Italian restaurant that was pretty quiet.

“I would’ve taken you somewhere nicer, but I didn’t want to go somewhere where we would get swamped with fans and this way we can talk and just get to know each other and..” He trailed off nervously, looking between me and the steering wheel.

I smiled at him and grabbed his chin, making him look at me. “It’s perfect.” His face broke out in a huge grin and he jumped out of the car and quickly crossed to open my door. He took my hand and I climbed out and we looped arms as he led me into the restaurant. He gave the woman at the desk his name and she led them to their table in the back. This was going to be a fun night.


Niall’s laugh rang out throughout the restaurant, causing people to look, but neither of us cared, we were both laughing. “You did not!” He yelled at me, tears in his eyes from laughing so hard.

I started laughing harder at the memory. “I used to go into school high waaaay more than I should have my senior year. I remember we were doing this warm up drawing in art, and I just drew Spongebob and Patrick. Another time we were doing three dimensional tubes with shadows, and I started it, then wrote ‘I’M NOT CAPABLE.’ in big letters across the page and all the teacher put was a question mark by it!” I said, laughing harder. Niall was laughing so hard you couldn’t hear anything coming from him and I started laughing even harder.

He started gasping for air and finally calming down he just looked at me. Dinner had been absolutely wonderful, we talked and laughed the entire time, and I was nothing but comfortable around him. “So, should we get the check and go then? I have something else planned for tonight..” He said, trailing off and looking at the table. I smiled and nodded at him when he looked back up. He called out waiter over and paid the check, leaving a decent tip, and then leading me out of the restaurant.

“So, you aren’t going to tell what else you have planned, are you?” I asked him, slipping my hand into his and looking up at him.

He laughed and shook his head no at me as he helped me into the car. I just sat there smiling as he got in and started up the car. We started driving and we headed off in a direction I didn’t know and just kept driving until we got a to a little parking lot about a half hour away. Curious, I climbed out before Niall could open the door for me and looked around. We were in a forest, on the side of a mountain, it seemed? There were multiple different paths leading off going in different directions. I probably looked insanely confused, which explained why Niall was laughing at me.

“Niall, where the hell are we?” I asked, a bit nervous. I didn’t no the area, and there was no one in sight. What if there was someone out here?

Niall laughed and shook his head, taking my hand again. “Do you trust me?” He asked, looking deep into my eyes. I found I couldn’t look away or speak, so I just slowly nodded. He smiled and led me towards a path headed up the mountain. We started to hike, but it wasn’t that steep or rocky, so it wasn’t terrible. After about 45 minutes of walking, we got to a small look out that over looked the rest of the mountain and the city. Niall pulled me up to the rail and I just stared. It was beautiful. The lights lit up the entire mountain, illuminating the trees and towns below, making everything look magical.

Suddenly, I felt Niall’s hand creep around my waist, pulling me towards him. He rested his chin on my shoulder and just looked out. I found myself unable to breath as I turned my head slightly and just looked at him, our lips inches from each other. He slowly moved in, but stopped just before his lips touched mine, giving me the final move. I closed the distance between us as our lips touched and I turned in his arms, my hands slipping up and around his neck, slipping my hands into his thick blonde hair. He pressed his body closer to mine and pushed me back against the rail, deepening the kiss as his tongue slipped between my lips as I moaned against his mouth. He started smiling through the kiss, one hand on my lower back and one holding my face. Suddenly, his phone started to ring.

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