Stole My Heart

Leah's dreams were coming true. She's made it onto the X-Factor, and she was going places. The last thing she imagined would happen was that Niall Horan from One Direction would ask her out. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down as love, heartbreak, ex-boyfriends, distance, and complications stress their relationship to the max. Can they overcome everything?



12. Christmas Surprises

The next two weeks went by rather swiftly, and before either of us knew it, Christmas was upon us. Bright and early Christmas morning, Niall and I were sitting out in my living room by the tree. We’d exchanged a few small gifts, like I’d gotten him a watch, a Derby County sweatshirt, and some candy. He’d given me a few miscellaneous things, too.

Then he reached his hand in his pocket. “I have one more thing for you. Close your eyes.” He whispered huskily, his deep Irish accent making me shiver. After a few painfully long seconds, he gently took my wrist and clasped something around it. “Open.” He whispered again after kissing me softly.

I slowly opened my eyes and pulled my wrist up to examine it. Dangling from my wrist was a delicate charm bracelet. There was a small microphone charm, a music note, and a green four-leaf clover.

I was completely speechless. Niall took my hand, playing with the charms. “I wanted to get you something special, something meaningful. The microphone has obvious reasons, so does the music note. The clover…well, that’s more for me than you.” He said, looking me in the eyes.

I leaned forward and kissed him forcefully on the lips. He immediately responded, his arms wrapping around me and pulling me closer. The next second, I was sitting in his lap, my arms wrapped around his neck, my hands buried in his thick blonde hair. Our tongues were fighting for dominance as we held each other closer. We sat there making out until he pulled back, chuckling. “I should buy you things more often.” He said, his eyes darkening. I playfully smacked his arm, climbing off his lap. He tried to grab my wrist and pull me back to him, but I slipped away and went back to the room to get dressed.

Just as I was about to slip into my dress, Niall walked in, stopping when he saw me standing there in nothing but my underwear and bra. My breath caught in my throat and we just looked at each other. He slowly walked into the room and over to me. I’d lost the ability to move, think, breathe. He stopped in front of me and just looked at me, not speaking. He brought his hand up, cupping the side of my face and kissing me softly on the lips, then turning and slipping into the bathroom.

I let out the breath I’d been holding, and turned to put on the dress before he came back out.

I was pulling on my shoes when the bathroom door opened and Niall walked out, smiling at me. I looked at my phone, seeing we had to be at my parents house in 20 minutes. We quickly loaded up the car and headed out.

We pulled up in front of the house about 10 minutes later as a small whirlwind of blonde hair and flying limbs ran out the front door, screaming. “Aunt Leah!” He shouted, pouncing on my legs and holding on tight.

I giggled and reached down, grabbing him around the waist and pulling him up quickly. “Luke!” I exclaimed, swiftly kissing him on the nose.

He giggled and buried his head in my hair. “I missed you.” He said, clinging to my shoulders. He pulled back and gave Niall a quizzical look. “Who’s he?”

Before I could respond, Niall gave his hand to Luke to shake and said, “I’m Niall.” He said, smiling warmly.

Luke’s eyes got round as he stared at Niall. “From One Direction?” He asked, his mouth hanging open.

Niall seemed a bit taken aback, but nodded. Luke’s jaw dropped, but before anyone could say anything, another voice sounded from the porch. “Aunt Leah’s here!” Screamed Aiden, my other nephew. I set Luke back down and met Aiden as he ran into me, throwing his arms around me. Niall started laughing as Aiden went into a full detail plan for everything he wanted to do, which included opening presents multiple times. He took no notice to Niall until I set him back on the ground and Niall slipped his hand into mine. He gave Niall an odd look, and then Luke tapped him on the shoulder and whispered something in his ear.

Aiden’s eyes grew huge as he stared at Niall. Then he looked back to me. “You’re dating someone from One Direction?!” He asked, looking from me, to Niall, to Luke, and back. Niall and I started laughing hysterically and ushered the boys back into the house. We were met at the door by my parents, who hugged us both.

Then my sisters cornered us, practically playing 20 Questions with Niall while they interrogated him. When they jokingly asked him if he had a past with the law, Niall put his hands up defensively and yelled, “It wasn’t my fault!” causing everyone to bust up laughing.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. Everyone seemed to love Niall, and my nephews were having a ball running around with him after dinner. I was sitting in the living room with my sisters as Niall pretended to be afraid of Aiden, slowly jogging away from him.

My sister sighed and touched my arm lightly. “You really like him, don’t you?” I looked to where Niall was throwing my nephew into the air repetitively and smiled. I looked over at my sister and nodded, smiling sheepishly. She sighed in relief and smiled at me. “Well, at least I approve this time.” She said, making all of us laugh.

A few hours later, the boys were crashed out on the couch, and it was time for Niall and I to head out. We said our good-bye’s, gave hugs, and got on the road.

We were only driving for a few minutes before a car pulled out in front of us. Niall slammed on the breaks, but he wasn’t fast enough. There was screeching tires and the sound of crashing metal, and everything went black.

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