Stole My Heart

Leah's dreams were coming true. She's made it onto the X-Factor, and she was going places. The last thing she imagined would happen was that Niall Horan from One Direction would ask her out. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down as love, heartbreak, ex-boyfriends, distance, and complications stress their relationship to the max. Can they overcome everything?



14. Bad First Impressions

The next morning was a bit hectic. Getting out of the hospital took a few hours, more than were anticipated. Around noon, Leah and I were hustling into the parking lot. The car had been totaled, but I didn’t care, as long as we were both okay. We hustled to the waiting taxi, and were back at the house in about 20 minutes. Leah and I both ran to the room, grabbing clothes as we went. Within the next hour, we were both nearly packed and ready.

When we arrived at the airport nearly and hour later, we were mobbed by paparazzi everywhere, snapping pictures and holding microphones to us.

“Niall! Niall, were you really wasted on Christmas and that’s what you got in a car crash?” I practically growled at the guy and put my arm protectively around Leah as I tried to propel us through the crowd.

“Leah, anything to say about your affair rumors?” She gave the woman a disgusted look and looked up at me, her eyes asking me how I put up with this. I shrugged and pushed us through the crowd faster, running from their ridiculous questions.

Airport security stopped the paps at the door, leading us through. We sighed simultaneously in relief.

As we wheeled our suitcases through the crowded airport, I slipped my sunglasses out of my pocket and put them on, throwing my hood up over my hair and praying people didn’t notice me. We’d almost made it to luggage drop before a scream was heard, and Leah and I both whipped around.

“OH MY GOD! IT’S NIALL HORAN!” A group of teenage girls across the airport took off running towards us.

The blood drained from my face. We had to catch out flight, and Paul wasn’t here with the rest of the security detail to keep the girls away from us.

“Leah, take the suitcases and drop them, then meet me back here.” I handed the stuff off to her and kissed her hair, gently pushing her away. Just as she got a safe distance away, the girls closed in, waving phones, paper, and cameras in my face. They all wanted pictures and autographs, a few even wanted to be kissed. I gladly signed whatever they handed to me and took countless pictures. Leah came back and stood to the back, waiting, until she caught one of the girls eyes.

“Aren’t you Leah?” She asked her shyly. Leah blushed and nodded, and the girl continued. “Could I maybe get a picture with both of you?” She asked, looking from Leah to me. I smiled at her and beckoned them both over, the girl standing between Leah and I, giving a thumbs up.

After a good half hour, we finally convinced the girls to be on their way, telling them we had somewhere to be. As they were walking away, we heard one of them say, “Yeah, I definitely ship Liall. She’s so nice.” Leah and I started laughing as we headed for our flight.

It was quarter of five and it was time to board. We walked hand in hand onto the plane and found our seats at the front of first class. We settled in for the long flight ahead of us, and not long after we took off, Leah fell asleep on my arm. I smiled softly at her and ended up falling asleep with my head on top of hers.

Some time later, one of the attendants was nudging me awake, alerting me that we were landing soon. I looked down at Leah and how peaceful she looked and couldn’t bare to wake her.


Leah’s POV:

Someone was gently rubbing my arm, whispering to me. I blinked my eyes open to see Niall smiling at me. I grinned and stretched, yawning. I looked around the plane and saw people gathering their things and I frowned. “Niall, what’s going on?”

He chuckled and helped me up, sliding his fingers through mine. “You slept through the entire trip. Welcome to Ireland, love.”

I quickly bolted to the plane window and ripped it up, staring out. I was in Ireland. I stood straight, too shocked to speak, and grabbed my purse and Niall led me off the plane. We grabbed our luggage and headed to the front of the airport.

It took a bit of hunting, but we finally found Niall’s family. We weren’t paying attention, and his older brother Greg came up and hugged his brother fiercely, catching us both off guard. The second Niall realized who it was, he was laughing and hugging back, clapping his older brother on the back.

“How’s it been, bro? Long time no see.” He registered that Niall had someone with him and looked at me and smiled. “And you must be Leah!” I had expected him to shake my hand, but instead he pulled me in for a hug, surprising me and making me laugh.

Then his mother was there, smiling sweetly at her son and giving him a tight hug, kissing him on the cheek. “I missed you.” She said as she pulled away, smiling up at him.

However, when she saw me, her greeting was not as warm. Her eyes seemed to go cold and lose emotion as she looked me over, scowling. “You must be Leah.”

I grimaced and nodded, offering my hand. She took it begrudgingly, barely touching me.

This was going to be a long visit.

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