I am the Last One

It All Started When Something Attacked My World


1. It All Started

 My name is Shane Harper and i'm the last of my  kind. It all started when i was only 5 years old. Something or someone invaded my world. I am an elf and my world is called Zorgon. Something dark and vicious came right when my brother was getting crowned to be the Elf Prince. As the invaders attacked my world, my mother put me in a escape pod. She sent me to a world called EARTH. Since my father lives there. The last thing i saw before i got shipped off, my brother Gabriel was slicing invaders with his sword. When i got to EARTH, i opened the pod.I was lost. I looked all around me and i saw humans.I was very scared and i sat in my pod while everyone was staring at me in shock.Someone picked me up.I looked at his face and it was my father Shanks.He took me into his home.He laid me into a little manger and thats when i realized.He lives  in a barn.But how can that be?Whenever he messages me,mother Nami and brother Gabriel,he tells us he lives in a mansion in Las Vegas.But why does he live in a barn?Did he lie to us?Why would he lie to us?I thought we were family and family never lies to each other.As i kept getting older my father kept getting sicker.I am now 13 years old.Then one stormy night,he died.I was all alone.I didn't know what to do.The night my father died i cried myself to sleep.The next day i climbed up to the attic.My father always tells me never to go into the attic.now this is my chance.I want to see what he kept from me all those years.As i climbed up all i saw was darkness.The only light was the one window where the sun was shining through.When i got up something dangling hit my head.I screamed "AHHHHHHH!"But all it was,was a light cord.I yanked on the cord.No light.I kept on yanking.No light.I yanked on it several time,but no light.So i just tried to yank lightly.It turned on.All around me was robots.I picked one that did not look scary.It was blue with yellow eyes.It was all scratched up.I said "what?'

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