I am the Last One

It All Started When Something Attacked My World


2. I Met Claviz

The robot said "hello.My name is Claviz."I stared at that thing.Claviz said "how can i help you?"I asked Claviz many,many questions.Then he asked me a question."what is your name?"i responded "My name is Shane.Shane Harper."Claviz paused.Then he opened his mechanic mouth and said "Son of Shanks Harper?If you are, Shanks  has a message for you."Claviz backed up and he made a little screen.It was a video of my dad!The video dad started to say "Hey Shane.If you see this then i am dead.I know you would go up to my attic.And i knew you would pick Claviz because his the only one that doesn't look scary.I was supposed to tell you this message when i was alive so i can train you.But i was kind of afraid.This is what i wanted to tell you.You have powers.Abilities.You are one of the most powerful elf alive.Just don't use your power for evil.Love you Shane. :)"The screen disappeared.I was scared and i asked Claviz "What abilities?What is he talking about?Claviz you need to help me!"Claviz said "you will figure out your abilities when the time comes.Goodbye Shane."Then he shut down.I yelled "Claviz!No!Don't go!I need help!Please come back!Claviz!Claviz!CLaviz!"I flipped the on button a lot of times,but Claviz wouldn't turn on.I sat on the attic corner and i cried to my self.The next day i woke up and i was still in the attic.I went into my bedroom and i dressed up.I went outside and i found a puppy!The puppy was hurt and i carried him.Then a dog catcher was trying to get him.I got angry because the dog catcher wanted to hurt the puppy.And then something came out of my hands.It was wind.And i blew the dog catcher far far away.Was this one of the abilities that my father talked about?If it is then i do have special abilities.But i need to control it first.


                                                        To Be Continued


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