what if?

what If James actually turned bella into a vampire in twilight? what if she could never see charlie agian? well heres how i think it woill all go down. COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!


5. you shouldn't have done that

Out of no where a greyish wolf leaped out the trees onto rosalie  interrupting her in the middle of her sentence. she screamed foe help. Emmitt sprang onto the gray wolf and took it off rose. the was a shout and then the wolf laughed. it moved out so we could emmitts head deatched from the rest his body. Rosalies body shook and she let out a scream and fell to the ground. IF she could cry she wouldve. her body shook intensly and she just kept screaming.  Edward looked furiosue and if i could have a mirror i would probably look the same as edward. Mybrother just died becasue of some stupid treaty, i didnt want to kill anything or anyone, except now i could kill that werewolf in 1 second. SUddenly rose got up and bounded for the wolf she wasnt messing around anymore she killed it in less then a second. She smiled with victory even though she was still dying inside. I looked around see no werewolves but boys aching with pain. somehow Sam managed to get up "Truce." he moaned. "why should we give you a truce you killed one of our famiky members." i was shcoked that carlsile didnt exept so easily. "Well you took a like of a human and we took a life of yours." sam tried. "He's not gonna except." I heard a perfect voice chime. "Alice!" i exclaimed. she threw a video camra to sam. "watch." her smile faded when she heard me scream. so did mine. His face went pale. "The treaty says that if we did not chnage or kill the people of forks you cant touch us which you just did." rosalie snapped. "you broke the treaty." Edward smiled. "not us."



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