what if?

what If James actually turned bella into a vampire in twilight? what if she could never see charlie agian? well heres how i think it woill all go down. COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!


7. just a dream

I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was a blure until I saw Edward. "where am I?" I asked faintly. "My house.. do you remmeber anything?" He asked slowly. "It was all a dream." I was stunned. "a.... dream?" He asked. "Is emmett alive.?" I asked. "of course he is bella why would you ask that?" he asked. Ignoring him i aksed another question : "The quilutes are wolves?" "How did you know bella?" He gasped. "I had a really vived dream." I admitted "would you mind telling me what it is?" He asked. "well-" "hold that thought, Alice's coming in." He rolled his eyes.  "Bella! You're awake!" She exclaimed."Hey alice." I smiled. edward walked out of the room to give us time to talk. "Alice? why am I not in the hospital?" I asked. "edward thought it would be better if you came here and let carlisle help instead." She explaimed. "So bella that was quite a dream you had." She giggled. "How did you.. ?" I asked. "well yI was waiting for you to wake up and i saw it." She explained. I burried my face in my hands. "and Edward just read my mind and saw it." She added quickly "Alice!" I was probably blushing like crazy by now. "Does Emmett know?" I asked. "no. dont worry." She reaussured me.  I sighed of relief. "Well Edwards waiting to come in and hear bout your dream for the sencond time, but he doesnt know that you know so shhh.: She hugged mea and left the room. "You can come in now!" I called. "So can i hear about this dream." He asked. "I was a vampire. And the quilutes thought you changed me and there was this huge fight... jacob black died and so did Emmett." I said. "wow that is quite a dream Bella." He laughed. "Edward.. That is what i want to be, I want you to change me." I told Edward. His face went pale and his Beautiful topaz eyes went dark. "Bella, that's not what you want." He shook his head. "I want you.. forever." I fought. "Bella can we not talk about this now?" He begged. "Of course, but im not giving up." I smiled.  "come on, Charlie thinks that you're at a hotel and that I convinced you to come home." "Really? He doesnt know..? I asked. He shook his head and gently picked me up. "Hold on tight." He kissed me on my head and ran out of the cullen's house, out of my family's house into the forest.


                        THE END

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