what if?

what If James actually turned bella into a vampire in twilight? what if she could never see charlie agian? well heres how i think it woill all go down. COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!


4. fight

We stood in the clearing like when they took me to play baseball. "10 minutes!" Alice yelled. I looked around : Carlsile and Esme holding hands somewhere off in the corner, alice and japser just staring at eachother roasalie and Emmit kissing and me and edward holding eachother. "we'll win." I promised him. "I know bella.  "They're here." Suddenly 8 boys walked out of the fog. It was silent until carlsile stepped up. "Hello." "We have seen you have broke the treaty this only calls fora fight." sam spoke, "WE HAVENT BROKE THE TREATY!" Carlsile shouted. "I can see Bella right there were not idiots." Jacob spat. "They didint turn me jake  i was bitten by someone else." I but in. "Wheres the proof?"  Jarad asked.  "Its coming out of our mouths." I explained. "Thats not good enough proof you broke the treaty its obviosue why are we even talking!" jake mumble. "The tape!" edward suddenly said. "Do you have it?"  Alice asked. "Back in jacksonville." Edward whisperd. "No proof as we thought...." paul grinned. I knew what was to hapen next i braced myself as jacob yelled something but not fight : "NO FIGHT!!"



              Edward grinned obviouslky picking threw his mind. "why would BElla lie i mean why would carlsile  lie i know theyre filthy leaches but i believe bella at least." jacob whisperd. Was he aware that we could here him still. "JAcob you will fight and that is an order." Sam YElled. "NO I WO-" Suddenly Paul was attacking jacob and they both were wolves. They were biting at eachothers necks yelping and scratcning. "Now!" i heard Emmitt whisper. "No... We're not starting something." carlsile answerd back Suddenly there was a long howl and jacob wasnt moving.


              Sam looked crazed suprised when JAcob was dead. "Well now thats settled we can kill you." Paul turned bak into a werewolf and lunged toward us. Emmitt jumped on top on top of him and hurt him enough so he couldnt move but he wasnt dead. "my family did not break the treaty! Another vampire bit her and turned her not us!" Emmitt boomed. Sam Blinked twice then waved his hand and lunged toward us. 


            I jumped on top of jarad and squeezed him until he fell to the ground. I heard a scream. Alice was getting hurt i ran over but i got pushed aside when same luncged on me. I screamed as sam bit at me i tryed to move but he got me pinned. I kicked him and he fell back. "Alice" i whisperd to myself. I glanced over to the side. Everyone was there except her. Was she ok? I heard a loud howwwwwwwwl and i turned around. Every single were wolf was on the floor.  "Wheres Alice!" was the first thing i could think of.  "relax Bella shes-" I'm suprised Roasalie answerd me but the next thing that happ[end was 10000 times more suprising.


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