what if?

what If James actually turned bella into a vampire in twilight? what if she could never see charlie agian? well heres how i think it woill all go down. COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!


3. discision

"carlsie they think we broke the treaty they think they turned Bella." Edward told the rest. "cant we just reason with them explain." carlisle added. "Theyve already made up thier minds i saw a fight happening." ALice anounced. "so we fight taking down some pups wont do us any harm!" Emmitt boomed. "Yeah whats the worst these dogs can do to us." Jasper laughed. "No!" Alice exclaimed. "We dont even have proof that Edward didint turn Bella." Roaslaie talked. "Rose is right we dont have any proof." Esme murmerd. "THe treaty... IS that what jacob was talking aboiut on LaPush that day?" I asked  "what did he say?" JAsper asked. "um. ALl i remmeber is that Apparently you guys were hunting on thier land but you promised not to hurt anyone and a treaty was made.. but he never said anything about if you turn someone which you didnt!" i explained. We were all quiet for a moment. "Has jacob turned yet?" Edward asked "I would not know that." carlsile answerd "Jacob black? my old friend???" I asked confused. "do you rmemeber the part of the story about how they're desendents from wolves...." He trailed off. "No!" I gasped. Alice laughed her little laugh:"Well have you seen jacob before you were turned?" Alice asked "Yeah actually right before i met you guys but i guess not after that." I said, "He could have." Esme thought. "It's all my fault were in this position fighting with wolves!" Edward snapped. "Bro no its not Not your fault that you didint want her to die.." Emmitt confroted. "YEah dont blame yourself they were on our side of hinting fround anyway and maybe ill be able to explain." I offerd. "whats make a differenece if youre explaining or im explaining!' Roaslaie asked. "I've known these boys for alittle bit i mean we talked a couple times...." I trailed off. "I'll try anything." Alice chirped. "When are they coming Alice?" Esme asked Alice closed her eyes and then she gave us the answer : "An hour."

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