what if?

what If James actually turned bella into a vampire in twilight? what if she could never see charlie agian? well heres how i think it woill all go down. COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!


2. a new beggining

The fire slowly faded away and my eyes beemed open. everything was so much clearer i could even see little beams of light shining off the window, every fraction of it. "Bella my love, ae you ok?" Edward asked. It took me a second to ask but i managed to say:"im not sure i feel terrific its just everythings so much different." Edward slowly reached for my hand and as i took it i bounced up as he cringed. "did I jus hurt you?" i asked he smiled a brilliant smile. "uh bella youre not really alive anymore." He laughed. tt took me a moment to relize what he actually meant: i wasnt alive but at the same time i was... I was a vampire. "How did this happen.... how am I even alive?" I asked "When James bit you it took alittle more time then we thought to kill him when we rushed back to you carlsile said the venom has already spread and you would become a vsmpire  bella i wish i couldve saved you i am soo sorry." he apoligized. "saved me! edward im alive because of you, theres nothing more in the world i want then you and now i can have all of it." i smiled. "you're not mad,, not even alittle?" he gasped."since when i found out the truth i relized that i wanted this life this guift and now i have it. i explainwd. "you took this better then i thought i mean how can you be calm or even alittle relaxed youre not hungry?" He asked. "vampires dont eat?" i asked He loaghed loudly. "Lets talk to the others." he decided.


          "Bella!" alice beamed and hugged me.i hugged back thamkfully everyone was alive. "you guys survived?" i asked, astonished. Emmitt boomed with laughter. "really Bella, ive delt with much worse!" emmitt gauged  i smiled and jasper tenced. "jazz shes doing fine." alice swooned. "Bella, how are you feeling?"  carlsile asked stepping an inch foward. "AMazing.  i said. "whats the last thing you remmeber?" he asked. "uh... i think james bit me and edward rished over to help." i looked at edward lovingly. "interesting." carlisle exclaimed. "well I think its time that Bella hunts." Edward decided. until he had said something i hant realized the buring in my throat.  "yeah hunting sounds good." i agreed.


        Edward led me to his room and cracked open a window. "we're jumping!" i asked "its the quickest way dont worry its easy." he explained. "go first." i encouaged. "ok just watch me and do what i do." He crounched down and leaped out the window like it was easy as breathing. i got to the qindow sill closed my eyes and jumped. I was on the ground in probably less then a second. "perfect."  edward whisperd. "what do u hear." edward asked. "alot." i mumbled. "listen carfully." "umm dear 10 of them." i explained. "close  12." he whisperd. "now get down low and when the time is right pounce." he smiled I did what he said and when the time was right i got 5 dear. "goood job bella." "Bella did u say something?" HE asked. "no." i amswerd confused. Then he turned his head and saw four  boys standing there mouths wide open. "He broke the treaty!" One called. "Come on the others have to know." Edward gasperd. "We need to go. now."



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