A Summer To Remember

Hi! My name's Jayme (pronounced like Jamie), I'm 17, and I live in California. I have a pretty average life. Well, I had a pretty average life, until this summer happened. Let's just say my entire world turned upside down after I went to the beach one day...


3. Spontaneous Relationship?

I watched from the water as Jenna continued a conversation with the guys. I floated, feeling care-free. I tried to rid myself of the butterflies that returned in my stomach, but to no avail. I hated myself for acting so shy. I couldn’t change how I was, with the crazy feeling of faintness taking over my head. I swam closer to shore so I could sit on the sand and let the waves crash over me. “Jenna, can you get me a surfboard?” I called. Louis and Zayn ran over and started talking to Niall.

I got up and walked over to the Snack Bar. “Ok, eat something first, Soul Surfer.” Jenna got me my favorite granola bar and a bottle of apple juice. Harry and Liam were whispering to each other and then looked at me. “So, we hear that you fancy Niall.” Liam said, raising one eyebrow. “Well, we’ve seen the way you two look at each other as well.” Harry added. “We are going to be in L.A. for about a week starting tomorrow, so we’ll give Niall your phone number that Jenna gave to us.” “Thanks Jen.” I said to Jenna sarcastically as I sipped my juice. I could feel my face getting redder by the second.  

“Are you guys up for surfing?” I asked, also raising an eyebrow like Liam. Liam chuckled. “I’m game.” Harry smiled. “Lou! Niall! Zayn! C’mon.” Liam summoned the other guys and they all went to the bathroom. “I guess I should get changed too.” Jenna said. She took off her sundress to reveal a beautiful purple tie-dye bikini. “Wow, ready for the catwalk.” I said, smiling. We went to the rental shack and got our surfboards, mine was fluorescent green and Jenna’s was red. We got rash guards and headed back to the Snack Bar. “The guys sure are taking a while.” I commented. “Surprise!” Harry shouted as the five popped up from behind the counter, all shirtless. “You guys better watch what you do, or Jayme will almost faint again, but this time from hotness overload.” I blushed and punched Jenna in the arm. “Like I said earlier, some friend you are.” Jenna laughed. “Surfboards and rash guards are in the rental shack.” The guys hopped over the counter, but before they all walked over, they gave Jenna and I kisses on our cheeks. Niall gave me an extra one, just so I would blush extra hard.  

“They are trying to kill me, aren’t they?” I asked. Jenna laughed and waved me over to join her by the shore. The guys got their surfboards and rash guards, and Liam brought a boom box over too. He turned on Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown and T-Pain. Liam and Niall started dancing and lip-syncing like they did in one of their twitcams. I remembered and I started laughing. Niall danced over and wrapped his arms around me, looking into my eyes and smiling. I laughed and he kissed my forehead.

 Jenna looked at me as Niall went to dance with Liam again, and Jenna raised her eyebrows. I shrugged, smiled, and laughed some more. It was around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Frankly, I didn’t know what time it is, and I didn’t care. I wanted to spend as much time with the guys as I could. It was a beautiful day, and I was glad it was spent with Niall.  

Who would’ve known that I was going to have spent a day with such a wonderful person like him? Most girls (that came to the beach today but were sent back home because the beach was closed off) would’ve only liked to have hung out with the guys just because they were One Direction, not because of who they are as individuals. Jenna and I didn’t look at them as One Direction; we looked at them and referred to them as the guys, because that’s who they are in our eyes. Just normal guys with phenomenal voices. I loved Niall for Niall, not because he was in One Direction. Same with the rest of the guys.

I was pumped. “I call surfing first!” Jenna told me she would be my spotter, along with Niall. “Be careful ok?” Niall said to me, kissing me on the cheek. I smiled, and paddled out. I thought about how he just kissed me, like it was nothing, like I had been his girlfriend for months already. I just smiled to myself and grazed the horizon, searching for any disturbances in the calmness of the ocean. Louis, Harry, and Zayn were lying down on their surfboards while Liam, Niall, and Jenna talked. Niall mostly kept his eyes on me. I found a wave, and stood up. I started pumping my fist and smiling. I went back to concentrating, when I wiped out. Everyone watched to see if I came back up, and I did. Everyone let a collective sigh. I walked out of the water with my surfboard in hand. I smiled, and propped my board up in the sand. Liam grabbed his surfboard, put a rash guard on, and swam in. I walked past everyone to go to her beach chair. I sat down, and felt the sun beating down on me. I was about to say something to Jenna about Liam, but I was so tired, I fell asleep.

Liam saw that I had fallen asleep and he decided to ride a wave out. When Liam got to shore, he told Jenna that I was knocked out. Jenna looked over at me and laughed. She felt sorry for me. Liam told the guys to pack up, so he grabbed my beach bag and put all of my things in it. Zayn picked up my guitar and said he would carry it back to my house. Louis got my beach chair and put it on his back. Harry put all of the surfboards and rash guards back in the rental shack, and hopped on my bike. Niall scooped me up in his arms, and Jenna walked beside them. The seven of us headed to my house, singing to make the time pass faster. Jenna sang too, and Liam took note that she is a phenomenal singer as well.  

Jenna wouldn’t act like it, but she was completely head over heels for Liam, which was kind of funny considering he felt the same way. She was behind everyone else, so she had the privilege of staring at the back of his head. Jenna laughed at herself for being so stupid. She never acted like this.  

At least she could put on a laid-back façade to cover up the fact that like myself, she was also a die-hard directioner. Unfortunately for Jenna, Liam had heard her laughing and had looked back at her curiously. Jenna was looking at the flowers growing in the sidewalk cracks. Liam smiled and chuckled. Jenna loved the simpler things in life, and Liam loved that about her. He thought she was phenomenal. She was beautiful, funny, and she always seemed to have a smile on her face.  

Liam slowed down to talk to Jenna. “I was wondering if you and Jayme wanted to hang out with us tonight. We were going to go play laser tag and then go to In-N-Out Burger.” Jenna smiled and thought about it. “I would love to.” She replied. “It all depends on whether or not Jayme’s feeling up to it.” Jenna looked at me for a moment. Liam looked at Jenna. Their eyes met and they stopped walking. They both searched for words to say, but they didn’t need to say anything.  “You guys ok?” Louis asked, ruining their “moment”. Jenna blushed and looked away. Liam looked at Louis with a facial expression that said “Thanks. A lot.”  

My eyes fluttered open, to find that Niall was looking into them. “You’re carrying me?” I asked, my voice slurring. Niall shrugged. “Yeah…it wouldn’t feel right if I’d woken you up.” I smiled. I rested my head on his chest. “You know I can walk now, right?” I told him, positioning myself in his arms so I could get down. Niall shrugged again, saying “Okay. If you really want to.” He let me down and I started walking beside him. I felt his hand reach for mine, and it fit perfectly.

“So what’s the plan?” Jenna said as she walked faster to catch up with me. “What do you mean, what’s the plan?” I looked at Jenna, confused. “Liam asked us if we wanted to go play laser-tag with him and the guys and then go to In-N-Out Burger.” Jenna looked at me like I should’ve known that already. I shrugged “I guess so.” The guys all looked at me and smiled. I felt my cheeks flush red. I’d never had five amazing guys staring at me all at once. I said, “Better hop to it. Gotta get home.” I started to run. “Jayme!” Louis laughed as everybody started to run after me. It turned into everyone chasing me: I led them through the woods and then into my backyard where I disappeared.  

I quickly slipped into my pool, careful not to disturb the water as much. I took a deep breath, and went underneath the diving board. “We lost her.” I heard Zayn say, out of breath. Jenna looked around, and saw the ripples in my pool. “No, I know exactly where she is.” Jenna whispered as she motioned the guys over towards the in-ground pool surrounded by stone tile. Jenna handed everyone a pair of goggles. They all put them on, and Harry put his finger to his lips. Zayn counted to three with his fingers and they all jumped in.  At first, I thought I  was safe, but then I saw nothing but bubbles: They had all jumped into the pool. After the bubbles cleared, they spotted me. I couldn’t swim fast enough, and I felt 2 pairs of hands grab my arms and legs and take me out of the water. I screamed and laughed, shouting “PUT ME DOWN!!” My eyes were blurry, but I could see that Zayn and Liam had a hold on me, tugging me through the pool, laughing their heads off.  

They finally let go, and I swam as far away from them as possible. All of us couldn’t stop laughing.  “What a day.” I was exhausted. Since we were going to go out later, I decided I was going to get ready. I closed my bedroom door, locked it, and went into my bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror; I had already changed so much, and it was only the first week of summer vacation. My brown hair had gotten some sun-bleached streaks in it, and slightly coloring my cheeks were a few freckles.  

I laughed at my day as I got into the shower. I thought it was crazy how I thought that today would be another average, wonderful day. But actually it was more than average. I met Niall Horan, and the rest of One Direction, for Pete’s sake! It wasn’t just a wonderful day: it was unbelievable.  I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, turned the water off, and grabbed my towel. I wondered what everyone else was doing downstairs while I was drying myself off. I still couldn’t believe my entire situation. I sort of danced into my room, singing an old Ne-Yo song. For the second time today, I almost tore my room apart looking for something comfortable and cute to wear. I was stuck between a few cute outfits, so I put a tank top and some sweatpants on, and headed downstairs.  

“There she is!” Niall said as he was munching on some chips. I went onto my MacBook Pro and logged into YouTube. “Oh my gosh, I almost forgot.” I blushed. “I have to do something really quick. Be back in like, five minutes.”  Jenna crossed her arms, and looked at the guys. “This is the time of day where she usually posts a cover on YouTube. That’s probably what she’s doing, but she forgot her guitar…” Zayn looked over at the stairs to see that I was rushing down them. “Forgot something?” Jenna asked as she held my guitar out to me. I thanked Jenna, but remembered what I came downstairs for in the first place. “Jenna, I need a second opinion.” Jenna raised one of her eyebrows as to question me without using words. I grabbed her arm, saying quickly “Oh, just come on!”  

The guys looked at each other, and then looked back at us going up the stairs. “They are so confusing sometimes.” Harry said as he shook his head. Louis agreed, and started to scope the kitchen out in search of something to fix for lunch. When Zayn found the ingredients for tacos, he motioned Harry over, and Louis responded with a loud, “YES!!” Harry got to cooking, and the guys all turned on the radio and started to goof off.

I was flustered. I had so many things I needed to get straight. “Ok. First things first. What should I wear?” Jenna looked through my dresser, and my closet. She picked out two dressy shirts, two t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, and two skirts. She also picked out three of her favorite dresses that I had. “I think you should wear this!” Jenna held out a beautiful dress for me. It happened to be one of my favorites. “But we’re going bowling. It’s not like we’re going to a ball like Cinderella or something.” After that, Jenna had an idea that would change our entire evening. “We’ll decide later.”  

We headed back downstairs to find that Harry had made lots of tacos. “I could use something to eat.” I said. We all sat down at the counter in the middle of the kitchen to eat. “Anybody want some Coke?” I asked. Everyone said yes, and Zayn offered to get it. “Glasses are in the cabinet next to the microwave.” Jenna said. Once the Coke was poured, we all talked about the day, and the guys talked about the flight over to L.A.  

“Well, we’ve got to get back to our hotel to prepare for our evening.” Liam said. Jenna told the guys that she would call ahead to make sure none of them got mobbed, and so there was no paparazzi. I excused myself to go upstairs to get my phone and straighten up a bit and that’s when Jenna laid out the plan.

“So I was thinking, instead of bowling and burgers, I was thinking of dinner and dancing. Jayme knows how to ballroom dance and she hasn’t done it since the 8th grade.” Niall liked the idea, and Harry decided to voice his opinion. “I think it’s a wonderful idea. I can always dance with Louis.” Louis and Harry laughed at each other. “I think Jayme and I will be happy to go around.” Liam told everyone, “I think it’s a wonderful idea. Who’s with me?” Everyone raised their hands, and Louis added a little extra flair by patting the dog and screwing the light bulb. Jenna laughed, and then kind of quieted herself when she heard me coming down the stairs.  

“What’s so laughable?” I questioned, sliding down the banister. I had a skill for that, and I always hopped off at the end at just the right time. Everyone clapped and I bowed and thanked my audience. “Oh, nothing. We were just about to leave.” Harry said, apologetically. The guys helped put the dishes in the dishwasher and clean the counter off, which I thought was very sweet. The guys gave Jenna and I kisses on our cheeks, and Niall grabbed my hand and squeezed it before he left. Tingles ran up and down my spine, giving me shivers all over. We waved as they walked out the front door.  

Jenna and I waited until we saw that the guys were far enough away, and then we both screamed. Loud. we screamed and hugged and laughed and cried and had a whole bunch of different emotions surface all at once. “I CANNOT BELIEVE TODAY!!” I laughed. Jenna wiped away the tears running down her face, laughing and crying at the same time. We hugged each other, and headed upstairs. 

“So, you are going to wear that floral dress that I picked out for you, and I’m going to wear your pink one.” I just laughed as we changed. “So we are wearing dresses to go bowling?” “Don’t you want to look nice while we are at In-N-Out Burger?” I turned on my CD player with surround sound and played One Direction while we got ready. I loosely curled my hair while Jenna straightened hers; sometimes we were complete opposites. We both put on light make-up: black liquid-liner, a little blush (like I needed any) and light red lipstain. We looked in the mirror at each other, side by side, and gave each other high fives.  

“Jayme! I’m home!” My mom called to me as she entered the house. “Hey Mom! Coming downstairs now!” Jenna and I put on some 2-inch heels that matched our dresses, and headed downstairs. “Hey mom.”  I called from the stairs. My mom looked up, and her eyebrows rose in surprise. “You guys look pretty. Are you going somewhere tonight?” Jenna and I looked at each other and back at my mom as if to say you have absolutely no idea. My mom (her name is Mrs. Cassie) looked at us as we headed down the stairs. “Be careful in those heels guys. Try not to break your necks.” We all laughed as Jenna and I sat down at the counter.  

“So how was your day, guys?” Mrs. Cassie asked. “Full of fun, Mrs. Cassie. We met five super-cute guys at the beach and they came over and asked us out to dinner and dancing.” Jenna looked at me, who was confused. “I thought we were going bowling.” Jenna explained that there was a slight change in plans. Mrs. Cassie cared about us so much, so she had to ask questions. “Who are these guys?” She asked.  The doorbell rang, and I got butterflies again. “I think you are about to meet them.” Jenna said, her voice cracking. Mrs. Cassie opened the door, Jenna and I still sitting at the counter. Mrs. Cassie was in shock; it was One Direction. The guys her daughter had loved since 2010. “Uh, Jayme?” Mrs. Cassie’s mouth was gaping. “Yep. That’s them. They can come in.”

Mrs. Cassie stepped aside and motioned the guys in to reveal Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn all dressed in tuxedos.  “I guess they knew about dancing too.” I said, a shocked expression on my face. The guys were all eyes, staring at Jenna and I wearing beautiful dresses. “Well, shall we?” Niall asked as he extended his hand out to me. I grabbed it, and he twirled me around. Mrs. Cassie smiled at everyone. “Well, don’t stay out too long. Be home by midnight.” Jenna and I hugged Mrs. Cassie goodbye, and we left with the guys.  

“Here we are.” Zayn said as we walked outside. The guys had rented a limo for our night out! We stared in disbelief. “You guys didn’t have to do all this.” I said, the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach a little more. “Oh, but we wanted to!” Niall hopped in the limo, and the rest of us followed. “Please take us to the Italian restaurant on 22nd street.” Jenna asked the limo driver. “Ooh, Italian.” Liam said as he looked at Niall.  

Harry thought it was too quiet in the limo, so he thought he would start a conversation. “So, we heard you haven’t been ballroom dancing since the 8th grade, Jayme.” I just rolled my eyes. “I’ve wanted to go recently, but I didn’t have anyone to go with.” Zayn smiled. “Now you do!” I loved the way the guys talked: their accents made everything they said sound so melodic. Speaking of melodies, I knew I forgot to do something earlier! “Darn.” I said aloud. Liam asked, “What’s wrong?” Jenna knew what was up. “You forgot to post a cover on YouTube, didn’t you?” I blushed. “Am I that predictable? I’ll do it tomorrow.”  I loved the limo ride to the restaurant. I hadn’t been to that part of town, which was odd considering I had lived there for so long. Occasionally Jenna and I would utter something between obviously fake coughs. Jenna coughed, saying carrots, which was far too audible for cough-talk. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat. “I love big red bus.” I whispered. We both started to laugh hysterically. The guys just looked at each other and started rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Laughter all around, just like that.  

I looked out the window at all of the bright lights. My life felt so perfect at the moment, and all of those lights shined brighter than any worry in the world. But perfection doesn't last forever, especially when jealousy arises.  

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