A Summer To Remember

Hi! My name's Jayme (pronounced like Jamie), I'm 17, and I live in California. I have a pretty average life. Well, I had a pretty average life, until this summer happened. Let's just say my entire world turned upside down after I went to the beach one day...


2. Excuse Me?

Oh my gosh...I think Niall Horan is sitting next to me...I thought as I almost choked on air. I looked over at the entrance, which was closed off. Not many people were at the beach since it was only 10 in the morning. It was extremely sunny out, so it didn’t look like it was that early. Jenna handed me my nachos and water. “Thanks Jen.” I said with a smile. I started to eat my nachos slowly, while glancing at the guy sitting next to me. I wasn’t exactly sure that he was Niall, but I had a strong hunch. Jenna handed the guy his fries saying, “Here you go…umm…what’s your name?” She asked, sneakily winking at me. I was so predictable, it wasn’t even funny. I was so nervous, and my throat was dry, so I took a sip of water. “My name’s Niall.”

I choked and spit the water out of my mouth. “Oh my gosh, Jen, I am so sorry…I had something in my throat.” We both started to laugh hysterically. “I have to stop doing that.” I admitted. “Um, yes you do!” Jenna said, in between the giggles. In the fit of laughing, my sunglasses had fallen off to reveal my bright blue eyes. I could’ve sworn I had seen Niall looking into them and smiling out of the corner of my eye. Of course, I didn’t look back; I was still in shock. Jenna could see that I was blushing uncontrollably, so she went in for a save. “Here are your sunglasses, Jayme. They fell off when you were laughing like a hyena.” I snatched her sunglasses from Jenna. “I do NOT laugh like a hyena! Some friend you are.” Jenna and I both laughed one more time, and I collected my things. I pushed in the bar stool, and ran off to the beach.

“Hey Niall?” Jenna said to get his attention. Niall kept staring at me, now sitting in my beach chair. “Niall?” Jenna asked. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you say something?” Niall was completely mesmerized by me. ”What do you think of Jayme?” Jenna inquired. Niall shook his head and smiled. “She’s…quite interesting. I’ve never seen eyes quite as blue as hers…” Jenna smiled and told him, “Well, she’ll be here all day, and tomorrow, and the next day…so I think you know where to reach her. I’ll be here too, so let me know if you want her address.” Niall shook his head again. “Is it that obvious?” Jenna kind of laughed slightly, and replied yes. Niall thanked Jenna for the fries again and started walking over to where I was.

“Wait, where are you going?” a voice asked. Niall looked over to see that Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Liam were walking over to the Snack Bar. It was Louis who got his attention, who also added, “Would you like to take us over to the Snack Bar?”

Niall shrugged and replied with an impatient sure. They all walked over, and Jenna almost passed out on the sand, but she kept her cool. “Wow, look here! It’s One Direction!”

 Jenna greeted the guys with a smile, almost having a mini heart attack. “Hello again, Jenna. These are my mates and I’m pretty sure you know who they are.” Jenna and Niall laughed. Niall walked away, waving to the guys. “Harry, does Niall look like he’s got something on his mind?” Zayn asked. Jenna answered for Harry. “I think Niall might like my friend Jayme. He wouldn’t stop looking at her when she was over here.” “Well, he did mention something about a girl he saw when we were in the parking lot.” Liam said. “Well, that must’ve been the girl.” Harry pointed out. Louis sighed. “Thank you, Captain Obvious. I just hope he doesn’t get his heart broken.” Jenna explained to the guys about my little obsession with Niall. The guys laughed as Jenna explained all of the details, also stating she was a directioner. “We have loved you guys ever since the beginning. We even saw Liam in 2008, and I cried when you didn’t make it.” She looked at Liam, and he smiled back. Jenna blushed. “So what can I get you guys?”

While all of this was happening in the background (I had no idea), I was writing on my blog about little surprises, and I laughed because of the little surprise that occurred just ten minutes ago. I was tech-savvy, as my parents called me; I was up to date on all of the social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., and I posted covers of my favorite songs on YouTube almost daily. My parents said me and my brothers all had bright futures, considering we all were honor students. I ended the blog with a beautiful picture of my surroundings. Sunny Venice beach was my safe haven. I came in times of grief, like when my dog Sammy died. I came when I was completely content. I just loved to be at the beach.

I got up out of my beach chair to take a video. When I panned around the beach, I got to a certain spot that made my heart race. Niall was looking right at me, and I had it on film. I pretended I was filming the seagulls slightly to the left of him, but really I zoomed in on him and caught him lifting his sunglasses to look at me and smile. I quickly locked my phone, put it in my pocket, and headed over to the Snack Bar. I walked over to find that the other 4/5 of One Direction was sitting and looking at me. I looked at Jenna and quickly asked for my guitar out of the closet inside of the Snack Bar. Jenna unlocked the closet, retrieved my guitar, and gave it to me over the counter. “Thanks Jen!” I said hurriedly. Jenna thought for a second, and then stopped me. “Wait a minute, Jay.” Jenna smiled. “Do you not see who’s in our presence?” I smiled nervously at Jenna, and spoke through my teeth. “Yes, I know who’s here.” I looked over at the guys, chuckled, and smiled. “Hello, Jayme.” Louis said warmly. I shivered slightly, even though it was about 80 degrees outside. “Hi…” I said thanks again for my guitar and half sprinted away. “Wow, she’s quite the character.” Harry said about me. “Yes, she is.” Liam racked his brain. He could’ve sworn he had seen my face and heard my name from somewhere…


I left my guitar in my beach chair and headed to the bathroom behind the Snack Bar, which was supposed to be just for employees (or Jenna, since she owned the shop), but I had a key so I could use it too. Jenna was there for me like that. I went into the roomy multiple-stall bathroom and headed straight for the toilets. I thought I was going to throw up. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I didn’t need to enter a contest to meet them. “There’s a reason for everything. This is why I didn’t win the contest. I was going to meet them anyway, just not then. Wow…” I was in a complete state of shock. It hadn’t gone away even though it had almost been a half an hour since I first sat down at the Snack Bar and did a spit-take in real life. I went over to the sink to splash cold water on my face. I heard Jenna excuse herself to come to the bathroom. I just kept rinsing my face off. Jenna walked in. “Oh my gosh, can you believe this? This is why we didn’t win the contest!” I laughed. “That’s exactly what I said.” We both squealed and hugged each other. “I can’t look at them for long in person. I came in here because I felt like I was going to lose those nachos that I barely ate because I WAS SITTING NEXT TO NIALL HORAN!” I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Well, Let’s get out of here and get back to our full-moon day.” We walked out of the bathroom, giggling and smiling. Jenna returned to the Snack Bar and I just walked away. I thought I would spontaneously combust if I looked at the guys again. Being the way I was, I was lucky I didn’t faint when I found Niall sitting in my beach chair, playing her guitar. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Niall said. “I just looked over, saw it, and I couldn’t resist.” I just blushed. “It’s okay. I know the feeling.” Niall handed me the guitar and walked away. Just when I thought it was over, I saw that Niall had stopped to look at me. I turned away, trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach.

I sat down in my beach chair, guitar in hand. I strummed a few chords, and then I started to play a song. Niall heard, looked over at me, and smile (Niall and I had a lot in common: we smiled and blushed a lot, and we spoke very little in each other’s presence). I sang softly, so no-one could hear me because I didn’t like audiences. I thought it was easier to perform in front of complete strangers compared to my family and people I knew. Of course, I took the opportunity to sing in talent shows at school, which I thought was an absolutely amazing experience.

What I didn’t realize was that everybody had gathered in a group behind me, listening to my singing. I turned around to find that everybody had dispersed; walking and talking casually as if they weren’t doing anything I didn’t want them to do. I rolled my eyes, set my guitar down, and ran towards the ocean.

I dove in, loving the feeling of cold water rushing over me. I swam, and when I surfaced, I was about 15 feet from shore, just what I wanted.


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