A Summer To Remember

Hi! My name's Jayme (pronounced like Jamie), I'm 17, and I live in California. I have a pretty average life. Well, I had a pretty average life, until this summer happened. Let's just say my entire world turned upside down after I went to the beach one day...


1. An Unexpected Event

“I have a great day ahead of me!” I said as I woke up to the sound of my radio playing a One Direction song. “Better get ready.” I hopped out of bed and walked to my bathroom. Surprisingly, for a 17 year-old girl, my bathroom wasn’t cluttered with make-up and hair products. Everything had a place and it was where it belonged. I took my brush out of the medicine cabinet and ran it through my long, brown hair. I bent over, flipped my hair in front of my face, and put it in a ponytail. I hop-skipped back to my room, rummaged through my drawers, and found my favorite blue bikini. I quickly changed, putting on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, and searched for my beach bag. It wasn’t hard to find, since I used it just about every day. I situated my bag on my bed and put my iPhone, a book, a bottle of sunscreen, my beach pass, my wallet, and a headband inside. I slipped my black flip flops on, grabbed my beach bag and headed out of my room.

I had the life other girls dreamed of. My parents had good money, I had three brothers but they were nice to me and I was likewise, and I had a house about a half-mile away from Venice beach. I wasn’t a brat though; I knew my place and respected my family. I was completely surprised when my parents announced that we were moving across the country from a small town in Maryland four years ago. I had already moved once, and I thought I couldn’t bear the grief of another move. But when I found out exactly where we were moving to, I was happy to help pack boxes. I had always wanted to go to California, and now I was going to live there?

So the first year was great. I met a lot of people, and three of those people became nothing short of sisters. I wouldn’t call myself anti-social at all, but sometimes all I wanted to do was make everyone disappear. After that first year, everything fell into place. I had everything I needed, and everything I wanted, which wasn’t much.

I had one of my “I love my life” moments as I headed down the stairs. I was home alone: my parents being at work, and my brothers with friends and relatives, I was trusted with our home. I walked into the kitchen, made myself a sandwich, and put that in my beach bag. “Oh, I almost forgot! Can’t leave these behind.” I picked up my favorite pair of sunglasses off of the counter and put them on.

“Gotta lock up!” I made sure the top-of-the-line security system was activated. I opened the garage door, and grabbed a beach chair. I strapped it onto my red Schwinn and I put my beach bag in the basket, and headed towards the beach. I sang Ride by Lana Del Rey as I pedaled.

I would say that one half of my heart belonged to my family and friends. The other half belonged to One Direction, especially to Niall. I loved his accent, his eyes, and his laugh made me laugh. It was contagious. I had entered a sweepstakes to meet One Direction and go to one of their concerts in New York from my favorite store, but I lost. I was completely devastated, because to enter the contest, I had to send in a drawing or a letter to the guys of One Direction, and I thought my letter was good, but I guess it wasn’t good enough. Somebody from Iowa won. I loved all of their songs, and had been a directioner since the X-Factor. I had watched all of the video diaries, made sure every episode was recorded on my DVR so I wouldn’t miss one second, and I almost lost my voice screaming of happiness when I watched One Direction win 3rd place. I drove to Best Buy to buy their CD the first day it was out in stores. I tuned in to Nickelodeon to watch their 1-hour special, I bought every magazine that even mentioned their name…I could say I was a die-hard directioner.

I decided not to dwell on the fact that I lost a once-in-a-lifetime chance to somebody from Iowa. I pedaled my bike just a little bit faster to rid myself of the fury. I laughed at myself. I was being so stupid! “Finally! I’m at the beach.” I waved to the cute guy waiting at the entrance (to make sure I had a pass). I pulled it out of my pocket, gave it to John (as it said on his nametag), and then he gave it back and smiled. I thanked him, and pedaled away. I grabbed her bike lock out of the basket and locked her bike up.

I had never had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, except for one when I was 13, which completely bombed. We never talked, which I absolutely hated. I thought I didn’t need one, and so far I was right. Lots of cute guys at school had crushes on me and sometimes even hit on me, reciting pickup lines I had heard a million times before. I said thanks to the compliments, and rolled my eyes at the cheesy pickup lines. I had my friends by my side 24/7, and that’s all I ever needed.

Grabbing my beach bag, I walked over to the Snack Bar, and ordered some nachos and a bottle of water. “Sure thing, Jay.” said Jenna, my best friend/sister. Jenna knew about me being a huge directioner, which was good so I had someone to talk to about my 5 favorite guys in the entire world. I sat down at the counter and took out my iPhone. I started to text my friend Katy when someone sat down beside me.

“Hello, can I have an order of chips please?” The person said with a familiar Irish accent. I looked at him, looked back at my phone, and then did a double take. The first thing I had said this morning was a humongous understatement. 


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